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Praias de Maceió
Beaches of Maceió

Maceió and its surroundings, is an excellent travel destination, because in addition to having beautiful beaches, it also has an infrastructure of a big city.

In Maceió you can enjoy incredible landscapes, with beaches and exuberant nature, but at the same time be in contact with the urban world.

Those who come to Maceió do not stick to the beaches near the city center, those who do not know, get to know from someone that the surroundings of Maceió have beaches so beautiful that they deserve to be known.

When we say that it is the surroundings, because it really is, the farthest beach that is among the most beautiful in the surroundings of Maceió is not more than 1h away by car.

Among the numerous beaches of Maceió, is the famous and trendy Praia do Francês, a beach full of stories and cultures, not to mention the incredible natural beauty of the place, coconut trees, reefs, natural pool, crafts, bars, restaurants and hotels.

5 melhores praias de Maceió e arredores

5 best beaches in Maceió and surroundings

1. Barra de São Miguel Beach

The beach of Barra de São Miguel, about 30km from Maceió, is a good option to spend the day relaxing and enjoying a sea of clear waters.

Praia de Barra de São Miguel
Barra de São Miguel Beach

This beach, which is protected by a coral reef, is almost like a swimming pool at low tide and has great structure for tourists. It has a great structure, with restaurants by the sea, as well as street vendors selling various products.

Its stretch of sand is short and it gets crowded with chairs and umbrellas on weekends, so it may be better to visit on a weekday, when the beach is emptier. Low tide is the best time to visit the beach, so check the tide table before you visit!

2. Pajuçara Beach in Maceió

Praia de Pajuçara em Maceió
Pajuçara Beach in Maceió

One of the busiest beaches of the urban edge of Maceió (AL), the Pajuçara has two of the main attractions of the city: the tour to the natural pools and the craft fair. On the boardwalk there are kiosks and sports courts; on the other side of the avenue, many hotels.

3. Praia do Francês

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Alagoas, the Praia do Francês is today a point very popular with those who visit Maceió.

Praia do Francês em Alagoas
Praia do Francês in Alagoas

It is located in the city of Marechal Deodoro, about 25km from the capital of Alagoas and can be easily known by car or with the tourist companies that carry out tours in the region.

Much of the beach is surrounded by a barrier reef, which during low tide makes the beach look like a pool so quiet. It is a beach with calm waters, perfect for those who are with children and do not want to face a place with strong waves.

Praia do Francês has several tents, street vendors and a breathtaking sea! It is a place best to visit on a weekday, since on weekends its sands are crowded with people.

4. Ponta Verde Beach in Maceió

Praia da Ponta Verde em Maceió
Ponta Verde Beach in Maceió

From the geographical accident, came the name Ponta Verde; ponta <nbsp;comes from land that advances by the Atlantic Ocean, and the green due to the immense amount of scrubland and coconut trees that existed on the site.

The landscape of Ponta Verde is not very different from its neighbors: coconut trees, stretches of soft sand, green and blue sea and natural pools at low tide.

5. Ipioca Beach

Ipioca beach is one of the most worthwhile walks in Maceió, especially for those who do not want to stray too far from the hotel zone of the Pajuçara and Ponta Verde neighborhoods.

Praia de Ipioca a praia mais bonita de Maceió

Semi-desert, blue, great for swimming and full of coconut trees. It is the perfect choice for a relaxing weekend.

Ipioca beach is located in the neighborhood of the same name, in the municipality of Maceió. And although it is located in the urban area of the capital, it is a beach with little movement. Ideal to enjoy a day of tranquility and sea bathing without many people.

Ipioca beach is in the direction of the north coast of the state, it is about 30 km.

There are several attractions on Ipioca beach and in the Hibiscus Beach Club, for being a famous tourist spot in Alagoas, agitation here is not lacking, along the shore, for being a very busy beach has a great infrastructure, so it is possible to have fun in several bars for Happy Hour with friends, in addition to many shows, bringing fun for the whole family, it is recommended to check the local schedules.

If you are from the team of people looking for a quiet place to rest, Ipioca beach also has more secluded and isolated places with stunning landscapes.

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