Pantanal Baiano Tourism Guide that is a true sanctuary

Bahia PantanalPantanal Baiano is made up of an infinity of rivers, canals, mangroves and more mangroves and even white sand beaches and a lot of Atlantic Forest.

The Pantanal Baiano region is frequented by birds, anteaters, wolves, armadillos, pacas and even jaguars and alligators… for those who like to fish, the fun is guaranteed: there are sea bass, mullet and dents.

There are many tourism agencies specializing in fishing that include the Pantanal Baiano in their itineraries.

Pantanal Baiano Tourism Guide that is a true sanctuary

And the meeting of the salt water of the sea with the fresh water of the rivers in the region allows an unusual vision: it is possible to find oysters on the banks of the tributaries of the River Jaguaripe!

See the map of Baía de Todos os Santos is the largest tourism and travel guide for Bahia and Salvador.

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