Porto de Galinhas Beaches in Pernambuco – Tourism Guide

Porto de Galinhas - PE
Porto de Galinhas - PE

Porto de Galinhas, in the south coast of Pernambuco, located within the municipality of Ipojuca is Porto de Galinhas beach which, for 10 years, has been considered the best beach in Brazil.

The beach is inside a charming village, with many shops, restaurants and cafes. Only 43 km from Recife, the place is ideal for those who like to enjoy the summer on the beaches of the Northeast.

The beaches of Port of Chickens they are between Maracaípe (south) and Muro Alto (north). Generally speaking, they are long beaches and without great natural barriers, so it is possible to walk among them all.

Porto de Galinhas has beaches with strong waves, and others with calm seas, ideal for going with children. 

Map of the beaches of Porto de Galinhas PE
Map of the beaches of Porto de Galinhas PE

Beaches in Porto de Galinhas PE

Porto de Galinhas beaches are among the most beautiful in Brazil and offer everything you see in the photos and a little more.

Porto de Galinhas is known for its crystalline, warm waters, and for being full of natural pools formed by reefs and coconut trees on the shore, with the advantage of being attractive to people of different ages and tastes – from children to adults who want to enjoy nature. to the surfer who wants to catch waves. 

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1. Maracaipe Beach 

Maracaipe Beach in Porto de Galinhas PE
Maracaipe Beach in Porto de Galinhas PE

Praia de Maracaípe is extensive, with soft and fine sand. There is not much structure on this beach, but it is a good option for those looking for peace or who like to surf. The “point” of the beach is Bar do Marcão, next to the platform, where many surfers gather to catch waves. 

It is a deserted beach at certain points and deserves care when entering the sea, as its waves are a bit strong. 

2. Pontal de Maracaipe

Pontal de Maracaípe in Porto de Galinhas PE
Pontal de Maracaípe in Porto de Galinhas PE

Pontal de Maracaípe is a very beautiful region, where the waters of the river and the sea meet.

It is a place that currently cannot be reached by car – just walking -, and therefore it is not as crowded as the other beaches.

The “beach” has a single bar and is recommended for people of all ages, especially for children, who can play calmly in the calm waters of the place. 

In this region, there is a raft ride, with a stop to admire the seahorses and the view of the mangroves. It is a very nice activity, which we recommend doing at sunset time, as it is even more beautiful.

Despite not being so explored, it is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Porto de Galinhas.  

3. Praia da Vila de Porto de Galinhas

Praia da Vila de Porto de Galinhas PE
Praia da Vila de Porto de Galinhas PE

It is the smallest and most crowded among the beaches of Porto de Galinhas. It is just over 1 kilometer long, standing right in front of the village centre. Full of bars and beach huts, which occupy the entire stretch of sand with chairs and umbrellas.

From there, the rafts depart for the natural pools, a few meters ahead. Every day at sunset is a spectacle in itself, with the light reflected off the sails of the boats.

Porto de Galinhas has few waves, as it is protected by reefs and clear waters. 

This is an easily accessible beach, with excellent infrastructure. On the waterfront there are several restaurants and street vendors offering their products, which are not always very reasonably priced. 

Early in the morning, local traders fill the sand with umbrellas and chairs that can be rented or used during your stay at the beach. Be aware, however, of abusive charges for equipment.

Whenever the tide is low, natural pools are formed 200m from the coast and people leave on rafts to discover them and see colorful fish. 

Those who don't want to take the raft ride can go swimming, if they swim well, or even walk (on the right side of the beach), if the tide is at its lowest (0.0). 

4. Cupe Beach and Pontal do Cupe

There is no defined border, but practically everything between Praia Central in Porto de Galinhas and Pontal do Cupe is the beach of Cupe.

Cupe Beach and Pontal do Cupe in Porto de Galinhas PE
Cupe Beach and Pontal do Cupe in Porto de Galinhas PE

Which makes it the largest beach in Porto de Galinhas, with more than 5 km in length.

Much of the beach is open sea and strong waves.

At the end of the beach, where the Cup Point, there are reefs that form natural pools in the shallow part of the beach, so you can walk without spending money on a raft. It looked clean and had good visibility. Great beach to go with children.

Cupe Beach it has strong and treacherous waves, without much structure for those who visit; at some points on the sand there are people offering beach tents and chairs rental. 

It is a beach without much movement, with a beautiful view, but which most tourists do not attend due to the strong waves.

What many people don't know is that at the beginning of Praia do Cupe, close to Muro Alto, there is a stretch of beach called Pontal do Cupe, with weaker waves and natural pools formed at low tide.

If, on the one hand, Praia do Cupe is dangerous, Pontal do Cupe is popular with locals because it is quiet and not as crowded as Porto de Galinhas. 

5. Muro Alto Beach

It has very distinct characteristics and is basically divided into three styles: an open sea part, a rocky sea part which is impossible to enter and the final long stretch that looks like a swimming pool. All of them surrounded by luxury condominiums and resorts.

Muro Alto beach in Porto de Galinhas PE
Muro Alto beach in Porto de Galinhas PE

The longest stretch is the swimming pool, which is actually the mouth of the Ipojuca River, protected from the sea by the high barrier of corals, the “high wall” that gives the beach its name. When the tide rises, the river beach completely disappears.

Muro Alto is protected by a large reef during low tide and the water is retained, making it look like a swimming pool. Its waters are crystal clear, practically without waves, ideal for beginners in water sports.

It is a shallow beach, with warm waters and recommended for those traveling with children as it does not offer great risks to the little ones.

Muro Alto may not be the most beautiful beach in Porto de Galinhas, but it certainly offers comfort. Relaxing in its calm and clear waters is delicious. A cool place to stay is Barraca da Ana, which has chairs, drinks and umbrellas.

It is on this beach that some of the best resorts from Brazil; therefore, anyone staying in several of these resorts you get a view of Muro Alto as a gift every day when you wake up.

Porto de Galinhas Map - PE
Porto de Galinhas Map – PE

Porto de Galinhas Beaches – Tourism and Travel Guide

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