Porto de Galinhas has natural pools and crystal clear waters

Porto de Galinhas Spa
Porto de Galinhas Spa

O Porto de Galinhas spa integrates the Coral Coast and is located in the south coast of Pernambuco, city ​​of Ipujoca, about 40 minutes from Recife. It is one of the main beach destinations in northeastern Brazil.

Access to Port of Chickens it is done through the Atlantic Route and lasts about an hour.

It is the same road that connects Recife to destinations such as: Carneiros Beach, Maragogi e São Miguel dos Milagres in Alagoas.

A Coral Coast it is an environmental protection area that has more than 120 km of beaches and mangroves between the south coast of Pernambuco and the north coast of Alagoas.

Map of the south coast of Pernambuco
Map of the south coast of Pernambuco

Port of Chickens brings together natural pools and extremely crystalline waters, which come to resemble the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

This region promises to delight any tourist – and the best part is, it is hot and sunny all year round.

Beaches and swimming pools near the Porto de Galinhas resort

The main beach and mandatory stopover for tourists traveling to the region is the Porto de Galinhas beach.

It is where the postcards of the region are located: natural pools magnificent.

During low tide, the sea reveals the characteristic corals of this region. The water is accumulated at certain points, which were the natural pools.

It is an opportunity to see up close the beauties of the marine ecosystem.

every day at Porto de Galinhas beach the rafts depart towards the natural pools.

Tourists should pay attention to the tide table so as not to miss the tour. Once there, it is possible to practice snorkelling or scuba diving, and see the beauty of the shoals up close.

Porto de Galinhas Welsh

Porto de Galinhas Welsh
Porto de Galinhas Welsh

The Galés of Porto de Galinhas are a set of natural pools that are formed in the middle of the ocean in Pernambuco, due to the presence of coral reefs and sand banks.

The place is a postcard of the Porto de Galinhas resort and a mandatory point for tourists visiting the region. On the tour, made by rafts, it is possible to dive, observe small fish and take beautiful photos.

Vila Beach

Praia da Vila is the central beach of Balneário Porto de Galinhas – and, therefore, the most popular in the region. The shore has 4 km of white sand and clear water, with a heavenly look.

Praia da Vila in Porto de Galinhas PE

The easy access and good structure end up attracting tourists looking for comfort, but it is also from this location that raft trips depart for the natural pools.

Muro Alto Beach

With a sea that looks more like a swimming pool, Muro Alto beach enchants for its tranquil landscape.

Muro Alto Beach in Pernambuco

Its unique beauty is the result of a natural barrier formed inside the sea (which resembles a wall), making the water very calm and almost without ripples. To complete the experience, stalls offer drinks and snacks to visitors on the shore.

It is on this beach that the deepest natural pool of the Balneário is located. Port of Chickens, are about 10 meters deep.

The sea water is calm and with a super pleasant temperature. It is ideal for families looking for a calmer sea or for those who enjoy water sports. Two luxury resorts are located next to it: Nannai Beach Resort and the Summerville Beach Resort.

Pontal de Maracaipe

In the neighboring village of the Porto de Galinhas resort, there is the Maracaípe River, which flows into the sea and offers tourists a stunning landscape.

Pontal de Maracaipe in Pernambuco

It is along this river that the raft trips that pass through the region's mangroves are carried out, another strong feature of the Northeast coast.

It is the ideal place for those looking for a lot of tranquility during their stay in Porto de Galinhas.

Pontal de Maracaípe is located in the region where the meeting between the Ipojuca River with the Sea.

Access to this small paradise is only made on foot, which contributes to the preservation of its natural beauty. There, it is possible to walk among the mangroves on rafts, observe the beauty of the Sea horses and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Those who want to escape the hustle (and high prices) of the main beaches, can consider the point a great lodging option.

Maracaipe Beach

This is the point of surfers in Port of Chickens. A beach with strong waves that create the ideal environment to practice this sport.

Scenario that included the Maracaipe Beach in the script of the main national and international surfing championships. In addition, the white sand and the surrounding coconut trees create a relaxing environment that is popular with tourists.

Portal do Cupe beach

Located 5km from Porto de Galinhas beach, Pontal do Cupe is another point of natural pools in the municipality of Ipojuca.

Portal do Cupe Beach in Pernambuco

The place houses a lively bar that offers tables on the sand for customers, as well as snacks and cold drinks. To visit the pools made of coral, it is possible to hire stand up or go snorkelling.

map of the Porto de Galinhas Spa
map of the Porto de Galinhas Spa

Cupe Beach is over 4 km long and is a great choice for those who want a less crowded beach. It has an extensive stretch of sand that invites visitors to take a good walk during the Sunset.

And observe the beauties of Porto de Galinhas without worrying about anything else. That's where the resorts of the Enotel chain: Acqua Club and Convention. that bring comfort all inclusive to this little paradise.

Porto de Galinhas, Pontal de Maracaípe, Muro Alto and Portal do Cupe and Nordeste Tourism Guide

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