Jequiá da Praia and Dunas de Marapé

Colonial Church – Jequiá da Praia
Colonial Church – Jequiá da Praia

Dunas de Marapé is the municipality of Jequiá da Praia, 65 km from Maceió, with a population of 15. The name Jequiá da Praia comes from an unworthy origin which means “basket with many fish”.

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Jequiá, Jacarecica and Azeda lagoons, Jequiá da Praia is an ecological retreat that until 1998 belonged to the Municipality of São Miguel dos Campos.

The municipality has a rich ecosystem with a lake complex formed by 03 rivers and 07 lagoons. Jequiá da Praia Lagoon is the third largest lagoon in Brazil.

In the town of Duas Barras, for example, you can watch the spectacular encounter of Lagoa de Jequiá with the ocean or mangroves.

Dunas de Marapé is the stage where the Jequiá River meets the sea
Dunas de Marapé is the stage where the Jequiá River meets the sea

In the village of Lagoa Azeda, the lake that lends its name to the region, with vigorous waters that make it difficult to practice water sports. The beaches of Pituba and Jacarecica do Sul are practically wild, presenting scenarios still little explored by man.

map of the south coast of Alagoas
map of the south coast of Alagoas

Most tourists come from the capital and need to cross the Jequiá River by boat to reach the tourist complex and the area where the river meets the sea. A place to relax and forget about everything.

Barra do Jequiá Beach and Marapé Dunes

Marapé Dunes
Marapé Dunes

The Dunas de Marapé tourist complex is one of the most popular destinations in Alagoas.

Marapé Dunes in the region of Duas Barras - municipality of Jequiá da Praia, about 70 km south of the capital of Alagoas.

When talking about Dunes de Marapé, so you might imagine a place with huge, tall and golden dunes, but actually, Dunas de Marapé is the name of the tourist complex (restaurant, bar, support structure).

Marape, is a stretch of beach that can only be reached by crossing the Jequiá River by boat. Don't expect luxuries, the infrastructure of the place is quite simple and rustic, but nature makes up for it a lot.

From the village of Duas Barras, it is possible to do various activities such as: taking a boat trip through the mangroves, bathing in clay, doing the Pau-de-Arara circuit along the cliffs, and for those on duty, there is the ecological tour of the trail. of the Caetés.

These are some of the best attractions to enjoy and explore Dunas de Marapé well. Remembering, bathing in the sea at Praia de Duas Barras is good at low tide, when the natural pools of warm and crystalline water are formed. At high tide, the sea is very rough, so the solution is to swim in the river.

There are some dunes there, but they are small. In addition, the place is enchanting for its native forest and the meeting of the Jequiá River with the sea.

There are two attractions of the municipality of Jequiá da Praia, 68 kilometers from Maceió and 35 kilometers from Barra de São Miguel.

One attraction is the Barra do Jequia beach, with very white sand and very clean waters – a short distance from the mouth of the Jequiá river, which is also ideal for swimming.

The other attraction of the city is the tourist complex of Dunas de Marapé, where there are dunes and cliffs, and a good structure comprising a restaurant, kiosks and inn.

To reach the Dunas de Marapé tourist complex, take a raft on the beach, crossing the Jequiá River.

tourist map of the Dunes of Marapé
tourist map of the Dunes of Marapé
  1. Parking
  2. Marapé Dunes Inn
  3. Mirante
  4. Bar on the edge of the dunes with live music
  5. Dunes Restaurant with Seafood Self
  6. Arrival point at the port for crossing to the Dunas de Marapé complex
  7. Encounter of the river with the sea (It happens when the tide is rising)
  8. Marapé Dunes Shop
  9. Toca do indio (cold)
  10. altar of our lady

walk through the mangrove

Among the tours in the region that the visitor can do, is the boat trip through the mangrove. You will have the opportunity to have contact with the local vegetation and see the meeting of the river with the sea. It is also possible to learn more about the environment with the guide who will accompany you.

Caetés Trail

A great tour option for those who, above all, value contact with nature is the Caetés Trail. It offers a beautiful landscape and a lot of tranquility. You will be able to learn about the capture of crabs and, in addition, get a closer look at the fauna and flora of the region. At the end of the trail, it is still possible to take a mud bath in the mangrove: many people believe that the practice is capable of surprisingly purifying the body and spirit.

Pau de Arara Circuit

The Pau de Arara Circuit is a tour that leaves from the parking lot of the Dunas de Marapé complex. The destination is the beach of Jacarecica do Sul: a wild and deserted place, also composed of reddish cliffs that are up to 15 meters high. Not only can you take a swim in the sea, but also a swim in the lagoon at the end of the tour.

Tourism and Travel Guide for Barra de São Miguel, Gunga beach and Jequiá da Praia in Alagoas

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