Maceió beaches are famous for their calm and clear waters

map of the beaches of Maceió in Alagoas
Maceio beaches

Maceió's beaches are famous for their greenish waters, natural pools of Pajuçara, Ponta Verde with coconut trees and the most beautiful coastline in Brazil.

Maceió it has one of the most beautiful edges of the Brazilian coast, with several urban, wild, trendy and calm beaches.

The city of Maceió is also clean, safe and cheap and is also the starting point for trips along the coast of Alagoas.

Maceio map
Maceio map

Protected by an extensive strip of corals, the beaches of Maceió are famous for their calm and clear waters, of a fascinating color.

The most popular and beautiful among urban areas are the beach of Ponta Verde (5 km from downtown) and from Jatiúca (6 km from downtown).

More central, the beach of Collected and Avenue are polluted and unsuitable for bathing.

Ponta Verde Beach in Maceio
Ponta Verde Beach in Maceio

In the same region, the beach of Pajuçara and the beach of seven coconut trees they are also more urban and can be unpleasant and dirty in high season.

If the idea is really to relax, the best thing is to head to the north of the city.

Sete Coqueiros Beach - Maceio
Sete Coqueiros Beach

There, the beach Garça Torta (14 km from downtown) and pratagi (17 km from the center) are the great sensations.

It is worth mentioning that for those visitors who do not want to go that far, it is possible to find some natural wonders in jacarecica (9 km from downtown) and Guaxima (12 km from downtown).

Videos about the beaches of Maceió

In common among all of them, in addition to the color of the sea and the pleasant temperature of the water, the fine, white and fluffy sands.

Maceio Beaches – Tourist Points

Ponta Verde Beach - Maceio
Ponta Verde Beach
Cruz das Almas Beach in Maceio
Cruz das Almas Beach in Maceio

Ponta Verde Beach

An urban and popular beach, it is ideal for diving and windsurfing.

It has an excellent infrastructure, with many hotels, restaurants, kiosks with live music, showers and a bike path.

At low tide, beautiful natural pools appear.

Sete Coqueiros Beach

Located north of Pajuçara cove. From this beach, raft trips to the natural pools depart, about 2 km from the coast.

Map of Maceio in Alagoas
Maceio map

Daily the Alagoan Artisan Fair occupies its sidewalks.

Pajuçara Beach

Beach of the most sought after, with intense nightlife.

This is where the off-season carnival takes place.

Its waters are calm, good for swimming. Rafts arranged on the shore offer trips to the natural pools.

Jatiúca Beach in Maceio
Jatiúca Beach in Maceio

Avenida da Paz beach

Located next to the port, being the most central of the city.

With calm waters, however polluted, due to the proximity to the Salgadinho River.

Sobral Beach

It is located in the neighborhood of the same name. Straight, urban beach, with strong waves and beaten sand. Unfortunately it is polluted.

Pontal da Barra beach

Located next to Lagoa Mundaú, from where trips by schooner or speedboat depart, in the traditional neighborhood of lacemakers.

The sea is open and its waves are strong, great for surfing. Beach also good for fishing.

Pajuçara Beach in Maceio
Pajuçara Beach

Saco da Pedra beach

next to Praia do Francês, with access by boat, departing from Lagoa Manguaba, or on foot, by Praia do Frances at low tide.

Jatiúca Beach

urbanized beach, with good infrastructure. It has hotels, inns, restaurants, bars, kiosks, bike paths, walking or jogging tracks, in addition to fitness equipment.

Cruz das Almas beach

It is located about 6 km north of the city center.

This beach emerged from an indigenous cemetery. Its waves are high, good for surfing. The sea is rough.

One side of the beach is almost deserted, while on the other there are inns, hotels, bars and restaurants.

Guaxuma Beach - Maceio
Guaxuma beach

Jacarecica Beach

About 7,5 km from the center of Maceió, the sea is rough, open, but not suitable for swimming. Good conditions for hook fishing. It has bars and kiosks.

Pratagi Beach in Maceio
Pratagi Beach in Maceio

Guaxuma beach

This beach shelters sediments from two rivers that border it.

It has kiosks and summer houses on its edge. Its waters are agitated, and there are still hills, mangroves and coconut trees.

Graca Torta Beach

Beach of great extension and tranquility, it is considered one of the refuges of the city.

Its beautiful view and pleasant climate tend to attract many tourists during the high season, who take the opportunity to relax, take a refreshing swim in the sea and replenish their energy. It is seen as a good option for all audiences, being frequented by young people and families.

It has a spacious stretch of golden sand, the sea is calm, with small waves depending on the weather. With clear waters, it is suitable for bathing and practicing water sports, such as kayaking and windsurfing.

Graça Torta Beach - Maceio
Graca Torta Beach

Natural pools form at low tide. Good for surfing and fishing in some stretches.

Riacho Doce beach

Distant about 10 km from the city center, this beach has small waves, soft and clear sand, as well as reefs.

It has inns, summer houses, and typical foods. It inspired José Lins do Rego to write the novel Riacho Doce.

Pratagi Beach (Mermaid Lookout)

Beautiful beach, with a viewpoint from which you have a beautiful panoramic view.

It has weak waves, natural pools at low tide, as well as rustic kiosks.

Ipioca beach

Located in the village of the same name.

On one side (north), the sea is calm, with sand banks and natural pools at low tide; on the other, its waves are strong and the sand is soft. Ideal beach for walking.

Tourism and Travel Guide to the beaches of Maceió in Alagoas

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