Aracati CE Travel and Tourism Guide

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Aracati CE
Aracati CE

Aracati is well known for its natural beauty, has the Canoa Quebrada Beach as its postcard.

Aracati, “Land of Good Winds”, is a municipality in the state of Ceará, Brazil, 150 km from the capital of Ceará Fortaleza.

Its coastline is famous worldwide mainly for the well-known beach of Canoa Quebrada.

In addition to its coastline, the city has an architectural complex listed by IPHAN, testimony to the time when the natural harbor received Portuguese traders and other Brazilian states in search of sun meat.

The beauty of the dunes and cliffs is the backdrop. The nights are very lively throughout the state of Ceará, with restaurants of various international specialties, bars and nightclubs.

Canoa Quebrada was discovered in the 60s and 70s – a time when the place was inhabited only by an indigenous tribe and some fishermen.

In this place, hippies (mostly from European countries) found an almost inaccessible place, with a simple and hospitable people.

To this day the locals preserve the fishing village with the same houses of the past made of clay, where it often served as accommodation for visitors.

Since that time, the region maintains its beauty, and has evolved and much its receptive structure.

The rafts travel along the coast using artisanal fishing as their main livelihood and now also serve the various restaurants and bars in the city.

The Jaguaribe River, which runs alongside the city, forms a beautiful setting of enchanting natural beauty. The symbol of the beach of Canoa Quebrada was carved on the cliffs of the beach.

It is one of the most frequented beaches in the state, receiving many tourists during the summer.

Its beautiful landscape and infrastructure are ideal for enjoying a great day at the beach.

The nightlife is also busy, pleasing those who like fun, and can stop at a bar or restaurant.

The city of Aracati has good infrastructure, with hotels, inns and restaurants, which serve typical dishes of the local cuisine.

The practice of sports is favored, and for those who like adventure, hiking the cliffs in Canoa Quebrada is a good option. It is an ideal place to relax, replenish your energy and enjoy a beautiful weekend.

Aracati is also known nationally as the best carnival of Ceará presenting the traditional Street Carnival with blocks, the beach and the Trio Elétrico.


map of the beaches of Beberibe and Aracati CE

Porto Canoa can be reached on foot from the neighboring Canoa Quebrada.

The landscape with reddish cliffs contrasts with the white sails of the rafts that rest on the sand. Good for swimming, Majorlândia concentrates the cliffs of colorful tones from which the sands were removed to decorate the famous gar rafinhas sold throughout the state of Ceará.

It has an infrastructure of bars, restaurants and inns, in a beach region framed by coconut trees and white and red cliffs. In October, the beach is the starting point for the Majorlândia Raft Regatta.

Between white cliffs, the Praia de Quixaba is recommended for those seeking tranquility, as is the semi-deserted Lagoa do Mato, reached on foot or by buggy. To reach the small lagoon that baptizes the beach, you have to climb the dunes.

In Fontainha, whose sea is not suitable for bathing, the colorful dunes reappear. Retirinho is a small stretch of coastline demarcated by a reef; in Retiro Grande, next, as well as in the cozy Ponta Grossa and the small Redondas, there are sargasso and a small fishing village perched on the cliffs.

Majorlândia Beach

With infrastructure of bars, restaurants and inns, it has a landscape framed by white and red cliffs.

Quixaba Beach

Beach in a fishing village, with few summer houses and inns. It is surrounded by clear cliffs with some coconut trees spaced in the landscape.

Porto Canoa

Between reddish cliffs, a beach where fishermen gather their boats to rest at dusk – hence its name.

Praia Lagoa do Mato

Deserted and preserved beach, with rare buildings, is crossed by buggies during the tours.

Fontainha Beach

Short stretch of clear sand, surrounded by colorful dunes. The sea, with strong waves, is only explored by fishermen.

Retirinho Beach

A stretch of reef rises between the sea and the beach; in the bay, during high tide, the sea reaches the reddish cliff.

Retiro Grande Beach

Sargasso sea and dark sand in a small fishing village, with a few houses perched on the cliffs.


The beach of Canoa Quebrada is the most famous of the east coast of Ceará is located in the municipality of Aracati, 161 kilometers from Fortaleza.

The town, which grew rich in the 18th century thanks to the jerky trade, is now known for its lively street carnival, although accommodation options are quite limited.

In Aracati, the conservation of the houses remaining from the colonial period, sometimes covered with Portuguese tiles, leaves something to be desired, but the buildings still attract the attention of those who cross the city towards BR-304, the main access to Canoa Quebrada – by far the great local attraction, with good tourist structure, as well as bars and restaurants.

Canoa Quebrada is a place of magic that surprises everyone with so much animation and paradisiacal beauty! The dunes, cliffs, sea and bright sun are inexhaustible sources of energy and inspiration, making it a paradise for those who want to let themselves be conquered by this seduction.

From Aracati you can also reach the highway CE-261, which leads the visitor along the beaches of the Ceará coast to the border with the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

In the 1970s, Canoa was discovered by hippies who were enchanted by its landscape of calm waters and dunes.

The transformation that has taken place in the town in recent decades is symbolized by the change of name of its main street: the old Dragão do Mar street – nickname of the jangadeiro who was notable for his militancy against slavery – is now called, melancholically, Broadway, because of the bars and pubs where the evenings extend until dawn.


From Canoa Quebrada there are two options for buggy rides.

One of them goes through the beaches of Porto Canoa, Majorlândia, Quixaba, Lagoa do Mato, Fontainha, Retirinho and Retiro Grande, ending in Ponta Grossa, where you can see the most beautiful sunset in the region from the top of a large dune – the ideal is to do the program in the afternoon, to enjoy the landscape and escape the strong sun, since the tour lasts no less than three hours.

Another alternative is a shorter tour, of only one hour, on a route that goes from Porto Canoa to Quixaba.

The buggies can be hired in the inns and hotels of Canoa Quebrada or the neighboring localities, or even in the center of the village. Don’t forget to check the driver’s registration with the Ceará Tourism Office.

Travel and Tourism Guide of Aracati, Canoa Quebrada and Majorlândia in Ceará

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