Baixio village is one of Bahia’s most popular tourist destinations

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Baixio na Bahia
Baixio in Bahia

The village of Baixio on the north coast of Bahia is known for its calm and cosy climate. The small district of the municipality of Esplanada grew around a single farm where three treasures are embedded in the form of lagoons with suggestive names: Azul, Verde and da Panela.

The village inspires peace with simple houses, benches on the pavements and residents who wake up with the sun and go to sleep before the soap opera;

Local has 5 lagoons, formed by 14 springs scattered in the region.

The village has good infrastructure to serve visitors.

124 kilometres from Salvador there is a paradise waiting for visitors: the village of Baixio. The place belongs to the municipality of Esplanada and is one of the most popular destinations on the north coast for Bahians and tourists during the summer.

The crystal clear waters of the five lagoons of Baixio, formed by the 14 springs scattered throughout the region, adorn the natural scenery of the village. Ecological walks and trails are alternatives for those who wish to explore the beauty of the place.

The trails give access to the warm and crystalline waters of the blue lagoon.

Lagoa Azul no povoado de Baixio na Bahia
Blue Lagoon in the village of Baixio in Bahia

To cool off in this lagoon, the visitor needs to walk 30 minutes inside a private property.

The lagoon has an extensive area for bathing, in addition to being presented with sand dunes that reach its banks. Guides stay in the region and assist people who want to reach the place.

Mapa Costa dos Coqueiros na Bahia
Map of the Costa dos Coqueiros in Bahia

The five lagoons are perennial, meaning they do not dry up. The daily limit of visitors in the lagoons is 35 people, and this controlled visitation is not to generate negative impact on nature.

The suggestion for those who like to walk is to increase the distance of the tour by 8 km, and enjoy two other lagoons: Panela and Verde.

The Panela lagoon, located in the centre of Fazenda Baixio, is attractive for those who want to relax in a paradisiacal setting. The Green Lagoon is an ecological retreat with crystal clear green waters. The size of the lagoon is equivalent to four football pitches.

is favourable for activities such as rowing and canoeing.

Those who go to Baixio, also can not fail to contemplate the privileged view of the Mirante do Morro do Mamucabo. To get to the top, it is necessary to walk a steep and sandy trail or use a 4×4 vehicle.

Mamucabo has special features due to its darker colour and proximity to the beach. There, the visitor can choose between the salty water of the sea or the fresh water of the lagoon, and is presented by a coconut grove protected from the wind by the coastal dunes.

The village has an association of drivers to assist the visiting public. Baixio also has inns for those who want to spend the weekend, restaurants, beach huts.

How to get there

Praia de Baixio is 128 km from the International Airport of Salvador da Bahia (Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães). The entrance to the village is at km 121 of the Estrada do Coco – Linha Verde, BA-99, the first ecological road in Brazil.

From the entrance to the village, it is 7.5 km on a paved road.

Praia de Baixio is 30km from Praia do Forte.

Tourism and Travel Guide of Baixio in Bahia.

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