Barra de São Miguel is the busiest seaside resort in Alagoas

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Barra de São Miguel
Barra de São Miguel

The municipality of Barra de São Miguel in Alagoas is home to one of Maceio’s favourite beach resorts, Praia do Gunga, where the sea meets Lagoa do Roteiro.

Barra de São Miguel also has the Kenoa Exclusive Beach & Resort.

There is a good structure of restaurants and craft stalls – which are crowded during the summer holidays.

Barra de São Miguel Beach is long and has quiet parts, almost private to the hotels and inns of the region.

It was on the beach of this district, 33 kilometres from Maceió and 17 from Marechal Deodoro, that Dom Pero Fernandes Sardinha, the first bishop of Brazil, was devoured by the Caetés Indians in 1556.

No one remembers the anthropophagic tragedy in the joyful Barra de São Miguel, today the busiest seaside resort in Alagoas.

mapa do litoral sul de Alagoas
map of Alagoas south coast

The locality has a reasonable hotel structure and four beaches – das Conchas, Niquim, with calm waters, protected by reefs, Meio and Porto de Vacas, frequented by surfers.

Map of the main beaches of the south coast of Alagoas.

The district is also the starting point for the beaches of Gunga and Barra de Jequiá and for the tourist complex of Dunas de Marapé.

Tourist Map of the South Coast of Alagoas

Tourist spots in Barra de São Miguel

1. Natural Aquarium

The marvellous natural pool in the middle of the coral wall that protects the coast of Barra de São Miguel can only be accessed during low tide.

The access is made in small boats that make the tour in approximately two hours passing in two points with exuberant and unique natural beauties.

At the first stop, tourists can cool off in the small pools of crystal clear water filled with marine life and then leave for an incredible sandbank in the middle of the ocean where there is a floating restaurant that prepares the place daily with chairs, tables and sunshades to accommodate visitors who visit the attraction.

2. Niquim Beach

Praia do Niquim em Barra de São Miguel
Praia do Niquim em Barra de São Miguel

Very popular with families, the beach on the edge of town known by locals as “Praia do Niquim” is protected by a gigantic coral reef.

During low tide the coral fortress cuts the sea, leaving a huge natural pool in front of the beach sands and with strong waves behind.

The waterfront also has several restaurants, bars and craft shops. The attraction is very suitable for families with children.

3. Conchas Beach

Praia das Conchas beach, located in the neighbourhood, has a large sandbank at low tide, during which time small pools form in the sand in front of almost untouched vegetation.

Next to the beach is a small pier, where speedboats and tour boats leave for Gunga Beach. A great place to enjoy the sunset.

4. Gunga Beach

Imagine an extensive white sandy beach covered by a sequence of coconut trees, with the sea on one side and the fresh water of the Roteiro lagoon on the other.

This is Gunga beach, 3 kilometres from the centre of Barra de São Miguel. Motorised access is only available to guests of the Enseada hotel or to invited Barra de São Miguel in Alagoas.

For this reason, the most used means to reach the beach are boats or schooners, from the pier of Barra de São Miguel.

The crossing takes about 20 minutes, and is already a programme in itself. At the pier there are several other options for a walk through the mangroves of the Niquim River, lasting approximately 40 minutes.

Tourism and Travel Guide of Barra de São Miguel, Gunga beach

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