Barra Grande in Piauí has a highlight for the practice of Kitesurfing

Barra Grande no Piauí
Barra Grande in Piauí

Barra Grande, which is a small colony inhabited in the past only by fishermen.

Currently it has several inns focused on tourism, with emphasis on the practice of Kitesurfing, because on this beach are found the ideal conditions for the practice of this sport.

People from all over Brazil and even the world come to know Barra Grande.

Barra Grande, on the coast of Piauí, which is approximately 400 km from the capital Teresina and 65 km from Parnaíba airport on the coast.

Barra Grande is the rare case of a beach that has achieved a balance between preservation and comfort.

The village of Barra Grande has been transformed into a small scenic town of inns and restaurants. All rustic, charming and of high quality.

The place offers peace, beautiful landscapes and a great option for those who want a trip full of nature. For many, Barra Grande is considered the Jericoacara (Ceará) of a few years ago.

Barra Grande mixes rustic atmosphere and calmness with sports options, making it an ideal setting for the most varied types of tourists.

Barra Grande no Piauí
Barra Grande in Piauí

On the beach of Barra Grande there is room for everyone, whether for couples looking for paradisiacal places or families and friends looking for fun.

The region has a tropical and semi-arid climate with temperatures around 25 degrees. The driest months are from June to December and the rainiest are from January to May.

Barra Grande do Piauí has many rivers that flow into the sea. The waters are calm, crystal clear and warm, providing unique moments for the visitor.

Its quietness, the beaches and the natural pools make it the greatest local idea to relax and enjoy nature, being a huge potential for ecotourism lovers.

mapa do Roteiro da Rota das Emoções pelo Ceará, Piauí e Maranhão
map of the Route of Emotions through Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão

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Kitesurfing and water sports in Barra Grande in Piauí

Thanks to its strong winds and the conditions of the waves and local temperatures, Barra Grande in Piauí was discovered by kitesurfers and is the current darling of athletes of this modality.

The place has hosted national and international events of the sport, such as the World Kitesurfing & Freestyle Championship.

For the more adventurous tourists, it is worth trying to learn a little bit of the sport.

It is possible to hire quick and fun lessons and specific equipment in the inns of the region or directly on the beach. But, if you don’t want to risk the practice, you can sit on the beach and enjoy the view of the kites in the sky and the manoeuvres of the athletes.

In addition to kitesurfing, the region of Barra Grande stands out for the practice of other water sports.

Stand up paddle surfing is also a local attraction, and visitors can also take guided dives or canoe trips.

Barra Grande Beach

If you want to relax and do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a beach, Barra Grande will become your private paradise. There are 66 km of white sandy beach and a clean sea with warm waters and a passionate blue all year round.

Despite the great demand of kitesurfers for local attractions, the beach is mostly empty and it is possible to find stretches of pure tranquility and calm. In addition, most of the “pousadas” are just a few steps from the sand, making it easy to get around.

This paradise of Piauí has gained so much prominence for its beauty and tranquility that it is becoming the darling of brides. It is increasingly common to find small wedding ceremonies being held in the region, against the backdrop of the sea and an unforgettable sunset.

How to get there

To get to Barra Grande do Piauí, there are a few travel options.

The nearest airport to Barra Grande do Piauí is Parnaíba, 70 km away.

The nearest airport with daily operations is in the capital Teresina. It is possible to fly there and then take a bus or hire a car and enjoy the scenery on the route until you get there.

Tourism and Travel Guide to Barra Grande in Piauí

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