Beach Park on Porto das Dunas beach has put Aquiraz on the tourist trail

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Beach Park em Aquiraz no Ceará
Beach Park em Aquiraz in Ceará

Beach Park is located in Aquiraz, about 30 km from Fortaleza, Beach Park is a tourist complex that even has a hotel chain.

First capital of Ceará, Aquiraz is responsible for an important part of the flow of tourists that goes to Fortaleza.

The reason is on the beach of Porto das Dunas: it is Beach Park, the largest water park in Brazil, which receives the award for Attraction of the Year from the Brazil Guide 2014 and of which two resorts are part – the region has other expensive hotels and several luxurious condominiums under construction.

It is also worth visiting Prainha in Aquiraz, which concentrates beach huts, has a small and pleasant village where local lace makers work and make a visit to the Historic Center, 6 kilometers away, to learn more about the history of the city.

Beach Park no Ceará
Beach Park in Ceará

Beach Park is so sensational that many people travel to Ceará just to visit it. There are 200,000 square meters with 18 attractions for all tastes and all ages.

That’s because we don’t even talk about the incredible place that Beach Park is located. That is, in addition to all the freshwater attractions, you can also salt yourself on the beautiful beach that is right in front.

The attractions are divided into 3 categories: family, moderate or radical. So you can rest assured that several activities in the park will please you. And speaking of radical, the flagship of the park is Insano, a water slide the height of a 14-story building.

There, the brave go without a buoy and can reach up to 105 km / h.

Another attraction with a high level of adrenaline is Vaikuntudo. Join 3 other friends and descend a height of 25 meters in a collective buoy that is practically sucked into a huge funnel.

And these are just two of the many extreme toys you will find there. So go with an open heart and get ready to have a lot of fun.

To relax between one activity and another, take a buoy and go enjoy the Enchanted Current or even the Maremoto, the wave pool of Beach Park.

Video about Beach Park in Aquiraz CE

Beaches of AQUIRAZ CE

Mapa das praias de Aquiraz
Map of beaches in Aquiraz


Porto das Dunas in Ceará
Porto das Dunas in Ceará

Area with disciplined occupation and presence of large equipment for leisure and tourism, enriched by beautiful mansions, inns and hotels.

Place where the Beach Park tourist complex is located, one of the main attractions of Ceará. It is the largest water park in Latin America, counting, among others, with bar services, restaurant, equipment for water sports, buggies and ultra-light.


Prainha em Aquiraz
Prainha em Aquiraz

Located in Barra do Rio Catu, with clear waters, cut by coconut trees, it has a temporary lagoon of expressive beauty.

Famous for its lace makers and the countryside and restful aspect of the locality.

It has hotels, summer houses and tents along the seafront.


praia do Presidio em Aquiraz
praia do Presidio em Aquiraz

It stands out for its historical past where it served as a prison for the Dutch and for its modern constructions.

It has hotels, inns and restaurants, offering the visitor a good infrastructure.

It has a natural water source and an environment dominated by nature.


Iguape Beach in Aquiraz
Iguape Beach in Aquiraz

Historic and famous for its natural beauty, it has a very high frequency, especially during vacation periods, carnivals and weekends.

It has fixed dunes with dense vegetation, shy mangrove, mobile dunes near the beach from where you can see the whole district.

Located in the cove formed by the dunes of the tip of Iguape, covered by dense vegetation at the base of which there are freshwater spouts, surrounding a large lagoon. It is home to a fishermen’s center and an anchorage.


praia Barro Preto em Aquiraz
praia Barro Preto em Aquiraz

Beautiful by nature, it is complete with excellent posadas, camping area, as well as several tents located by the sea.

The Barraca Energia Erótica of Dom Geovani, the “Sheriff of the Beach”, stands out, being a point of attraction for the receptivity and creativity of the owner, where drinks and exotic foods are served.

The name Barro Preto comes from the sand full of black crystals, making it shiny, silver-colored.


praia do Batoque em Aquiraz
praia do Batoque em Aquiraz

It stands out for its natural beauty with an extensive coastal strip not yet much explored. It has several tents where you can enjoy the local cuisine.

Even without hotel structure, the beautiful beach attracts visitors from all regions where the receptivity of its inhabitants captivates them.

Fishing is the main activity, where brave men on rafts seek the fish that is intended for consumption and commercialization.


Those coming from Fortaleza follow Avenida Washington Soares, fall on Eusébio de Queiróz and access CE-040, which gives access to the Center. If you are going to Beach Park, the way is another: exit Washington Soares, enter Ministro Lisboa, access Manoel Mavignier and arrive at Avenida Litorânea (CE-025), which ends in front of Beach Park.

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