The 18 best beaches on the coast of Fortaleza and Ceará

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Praia do Meireles em Fortaleza
Praia do Meireles em Fortaleza

Whether on a holiday trip or a long weekend, the beaches of Ceará have impressive beauties and everything to guarantee your fun. We have selected the 18 best beaches in Fortaleza for you to include in your itinerary!

Those who enjoy the coast know that the Northeast of Brazil is a must-see.

The beaches of Ceará enchant thousands of people. And when we talk about the state known as the Land of Light, we cannot forget its capital, Fortaleza.

You need a few seconds to associate the city with beautiful white sand beaches and greenish sea, typical of this region.

This is the perfect combo for a pleasant climate all year round, with several options for travelling to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

When it comes to a good swim, Fortaleza does not disappoint. The beaches are diverse, full of leisure options for all types of taste. Get ready for an itinerary full of excitement!

We can say that the two have very specific characteristics. While on the east coast the cliffs predominate, often coloured in an orange tone, as is the case of Canoa Quebrada, on the west coast the dunes are more common, in addition to the beaches being less crowded.

Mapa das Praias de Fortaleza CE
Mapa das Praias de Fortaleza CE

Beaches in Fortaleza

1. Futuro Beach

It is one of the favourites of visitors. With about 7 km of waterfront and located just 20 minutes from the city centre, Praia do Futuro impresses with the structure offered and is a great destination for family outings.

There are dozens of stalls located along almost the entire length of the beach, offering quality cuisine and good drink options, including drinks, juices and beers. The region also has a good offer of hotels and restaurants.

The white sand combines perfectly with the warm waters, usually in good bathing conditions. The sea can be a little rough, which is suggestive for the practice of sports, such as kitesurfing and surfing;

As it is one of the most frequented beaches in Fortaleza by tourists, prices may be a little higher. But don’t worry, there are offers for every type of pocket, just look for the one that suits you best!

2. Meireles Beach

Meireles Beach is located in one of the busiest areas of the city and the main point of tourists. Avenida Beira-Mar and the promenade are postcards of Fortaleza, and the region has an excellent structure of restaurants, bars, hotels and shops, as well as stalls on the beachfront.

The sea is very calm and attracts practitioners of stand up paddle and kayaking. There are still options for boat trips on the high seas, where you can see marine animals in the region, such as dolphins and sometimes even dolphins.

The Craft Fair, which takes place every night, is one of the attractions of the place and is worth checking out;

Take the opportunity to visit the beautiful Japanese Garden, an oasis of calm and tranquility located just 300 metres from Meireles beach.

3. Iracema Beach

This can be considered one of the most fun beaches in Fortaleza, mainly because it receives such a diverse audience. Located seven minutes from the city centre, it is synonymous with tranquillity, especially in the late afternoon;

Leaning against Meireles beach, Iracema attracts practitioners of physical activities, either by the promenade or by the large embankment. The offer of hotels, restaurants and leisure options is quite large and with varied prices.

4. Mucuripe Beach: one of the best beaches in Fortaleza

.Those arriving in Mucuripe from Volta da Jurema beach are impressed by the change of scenery. This charming beach is famous for its rafts, boats and the Fortaleza Fish Market.

Be sure to stop by the market to savour a portion of fresh fish during the day. And at night, a delicious atmosphere with outdoor tables, live music and a breathtaking view!

There are many entertainment options in the surroundings of Mucuripe beach, such as restaurants, bars and the most varied accommodation options. This rustic beach is worth the visit!

5. Sabiaguaba Beach

Located 15 km from the city centre, Sabiaguaba can be considered one of the best beaches in Fortaleza for its stunning beauty and extreme tranquillity.

Sabiaguaba Beach is the continuation of Praia do Futuro, separated only by the Cocó River. However, unlike this one, Sabiaguaba has a more distant access and is little explored by tourism.

This makes it an option with less infrastructure: there are few kiosks and few accommodation options nearby. On the other hand, the place is much quieter and ideal for those who enjoy a more deserted beach.

Here, fishing is the main economic activity, and visitors can enjoy a beautiful landscape with less urban interference, such as buildings and avenues.

Sabiaguaba beach is home to the Municipal Natural Park of Dunas da Sabiaguaba and the Environmental Protection Area (APA) of Sabiaguaba, conservation units administered by the city of Fortaleza;

Mapa do litoral do Ceará
Mapa do litoral do Ceará

Beaches around Fortaleza for a day trip


6. Porto das Dunas in Aquiraz

.In the city of Aquiraz, just 20 kilometres from Fortaleza, is the beautiful beach of Porto das Dunas. Among the attractions of the place are tents and the famous Beach Park, the largest water park in Brazil.

Porto das Dunas beach is a must-see destination, but the truth is that there are far fewer infrastructure options to enjoy the beach. There you will find some tents, with parking and restaurant, and there are also the beach tents of some hotels and resorts, including the Beach Park itself.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy the spaces. You can enjoy the restaurants at Beach Park, for example, as well as the local cuisine at nearby restaurants.

As the name implies, you can enjoy a fun ride on the dunes of one of Fortaleza’s main beaches. Several tour companies offer buggy rides – with or without emotion, just choose.

The sea at Porto das Dunas is less rough than at Praia do Futuro, and there are periods of the day when you can enjoy the natural pools formed along the length of the beach. Enjoy the white sand and the shade of the coconut trees in this incomparable beauty!

7. Prainha in Aquiraz

Prainha in Aquiraz is a paradise located about 20 km from Fortaleza. One of the best known beaches in Ceará, it brings together a bit of everything: sea, river, lagoons, vegetation and dunes. Need anything else?

Tourists are enchanted by the meeting of the beaches of Porto de Dunas and Prainha, which is of impressive beauty. Remember that there is little in the way of shops or stalls here, but there are enough options to cater for visitors.

With a more deserted profile and less human intervention, Prainha has the fun Insano Natural, which is a reference to the Insano toy at Beach Park: a canvas over a dune that flows into a delicious river.

8. Praia das Fontes in Beberibe

If you’re already enamoured with the beaches of Fortaleza so far, now you’re going to go crazy. Praia das Fontes in Beberibe reserves natural beauties that will impress you. And the best, it is very close to Fortaleza!

Located in the city of Beberibe, about 90 km from the capital, it takes its name from having several freshwater springs that flow from its cliffs.

The beauty is incomparable. With colourful sands of the cliffs, fresh fresh water coming out of the rocks and a very calm sea with a pleasant temperature, a walk along the Fontes beach is a guarantee of success on your trip.

For those who wish to spend the night there, there are good options of hotels and inns. You can close tours with travel agencies in the region, already considering a buggy ride along the length of the beach.

9. Praia do Cumbuco

How about enjoying a ski slope? Then the beach of Cumbuco is a mandatory stop on your itinerary! Located 35 km from Fortaleza, it is known for its luxury resorts and a leisure infrastructure to please the whole family.

Cumbuco beach has a very complete infrastructure of services in addition to the accommodation options. There are several restaurants and stalls to please the most varied types of tourists;

For those who enjoy the night, it is also possible to find good options of nightclubs, bars and parties.

In addition to having fun with the esquibunda in the dunes and going down the board to the water, Cumbuco beach has a special charm: its winds make it an ideal point for the practice of kitesurfing, which leaves the horizon all coloured with the flags of the practitioners of the sport.

For those looking for a quiet sea to enjoy a full day at the beach, it is possible to stay in the capital and spend the day at Cumbuco beach. Take the opportunity to take a buggy ride – with or without emotion!

The tour options in Cumbuco do not stop there. The village is also famous for its jegs, the animal symbol of the Northeast, which can be used by visitors to take a fun ride on a jegue.

It is common to find “jegueiros”, professionals who take care of the jegs and commercialise the rides with the animal, in the stalls near the waterfront. There are also smaller jegues, for children to have fun riding the animal.

But beware: there are weight and size limits according to the size of the jegue, preserving the physical condition of the animal. Talk to the jegueiro about this before closing the tour.

10. Caponga Beach in Cascavel

Caponga beach in Cascavel is considered one of the best beaches in Ceará, according to the inhabitants of the state. It is located in the city of Cascavel and is 63 kilometres from Fortaleza.

The tranquillity seems even greater when relaxing in the natural pools, or enjoying the beautiful sunset that makes the region even more charming.

Another highlight are the dunes, which provide adventurous buggy rides, or just beautiful memories of a place full of beauty.

The region has excellent accommodation and gastronomy options at good prices – but it is possible to visit the region during the day and return to Fortaleza at night.

11. Águas Belas Beach in Cascavel

62 km from Fortaleza, in the city of Cascavel, Águas Belas beach shows why it gets its name. The calm waters and white sand are an invitation for tourists, who are increasingly falling in love with this destination;

Águas Belas is the perfect destination for those seeking quality rest. You will have a privileged landscape to admire, since the strength of this beach is the natural beauty of the region.

Bathed by the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the fresh waters of the Mal Cozinhado River, the beach also impresses with the natural pools that appear when the tide is low;

To have a different – and unique – view of Águas Belas, it is also worth taking a buggy ride. The route passes through the Mal Cozinhado River and runs along the entire coast of the beach, where visitors can admire the beauties of the rich local biodiversity.

It is possible to visit the beach on a round trip from Fortaleza, and several travel agencies offer this tour at affordable prices. There is a good structure of hotels and tents and it is an excellent place to relax with the family.

12. Morro Branco in Beberibe

If you want to see a unique beach, visit Morro Branco. Located in Beberibe, about 100 km from Fortaleza, the beach looks like a painting so beautiful – it has even been the setting for many films and soap operas.

It surprises by the contrast of the blue sky with the red cliffs. Take a walk in the Labyrinth of Morro Branco, which is formed by the erosion of the cliffs. These are hidden paths that make the landscape even more enchanting.

Beaches in Ceará to go with a little extra time

13. Canoa Quebrada in Aracati

Located in Aracati, about a two-hour drive from Fortaleza, Canoa Quebrada is a major tourist centre and one of the most popular beaches in Ceará;

Although it is possible to make a round trip from Fortaleza, the beauties of Canoa deserve your attention. If you can, plan to spend at least one or two days there;

Canoa Quebrada is part of the Rota das Falésias, a 215 km long area of the Ceará coastline that is distinguished by dunes and cliffs in the most diverse shades and shapes.

The beach has a great influence of the hippie community, which has everything to do with the region: there, it is possible to take ecological walks, trails and even visit indigenous villages native to the region.

If you visit the beach of Canoa Quebrada, be sure to take a raft ride to go snorkelling in the open sea and enjoy the stunning view of the coast;

Buggy rides are very popular in Ceará and could not be missed in Canoa. There are several itineraries available, but the most common is about 1 hour long.

It stops at the main tourist attractions of the region, such as the cliffs and lagoons formed during low tide. Also during the buggy ride it is possible to enjoy more fun activities, such as the esquibunda in the dunes and the zip line jump.

Those who enjoy adventure cannot miss a paragliding flight in Canoa Quebrada. The good winds favour the practice of the sport, but the flights are usually calm and pleasant.

What is worthwhile when flying over Canoa is to appreciate the incomparable beauty of the region from a totally different perspective. It is a breathtaking ride and will be forever marked in your memory.

14. Lagoinha Beach in Paraipaba

About two hours away from the capital is one of the best beaches in Fortaleza. Lagoinha beach looks like a vision: a sea of green and transparent waters surrounded by soft white sand.

Nature has been so generous in Lagoinha that there is even a natural viewpoint, 50 metres high, where visitors can admire the landscape.

If you want to relax and forget about the world, Lagoinha beach cannot be left out of your itinerary. There are a few options for restaurants and hotels, but plan ahead so you don’t have to.

At Lagoinha beach, you can enjoy a fun garden ride to the Almécegas and Catamarã lagoons, where you will find a more rustic and wild setting. Perfect for contemplating the beauty of nature.

15. Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara, in Ceará, is an incredibly beautiful fishing village that retains its rustic air, as you will see once you overcome, possibly aboard a jardineira, the 23 kilometres of dunes between Jijoca and Jeri.

Jericoacoara, or Jeri for the more intimate, is a chapter apart when we talk about the beaches of Ceará. To start, plan to spend more than one day in Jeri, because there is a lot to do there!

Located in an environmental protection area about 300 km from Fortaleza, Jericoacoara is a fishing village that still retains much of its essence, even after becoming such a popular tourist destination.

Among the attractions you can’t miss are the dunes, the lagoons and a sunset at Pedra Furada that will leave you jaw-dropped.

The place is very rustic, but make no mistake: there you will find a good infrastructure to receive tourists all year round. With a bucolic climate, Jeri has good options for accommodation, gastronomy, shopping and entertainment for all budgets.

A good tip is to enjoy the lagoons hidden by the dunes. Of unique beauty, they are quiet, shallow and perfect for relaxing. Also take the opportunity to take a buggy ride through the village, getting to know more of the natural beauty of the region.

16. Flecheiras Beach in Trairi

Flecheiras beach is located in Trairi and is a fishing village located about 140 km from Fortaleza. It is a very rustic tourist spot, but full of natural beauty and ideal for those looking for a good rest.

The village has good accommodation options, as well as restaurants and bars – for all sizes of pockets. The beach is full of coconut palms, crystal clear green waters, dunes and natural pools.

Take advantage of your stay at Flecheiras beach to slow down and enjoy the unique landscape. You can take a nice dip in the natural pools and end the day on a boat trip to contemplate the sunset in Mundaú.

17. Guajiru Beach in Trairi

Guajiru is close to Flecheiras beach, in the municipality of Trairi. The fishing village is small and the beach is only 6 km long. Despite this, it is enough to exude a lot of natural beauty to impress its visitors.

Being located in a small fishing village, with about a thousand inhabitants, the beach of Guajiru maintains a very rustic aspect and with few human interventions;

The visitor can count on some options of hotels and inns, as well as some restaurants that have delicious fresh fish as the basis of their menu.

18. Mundaú in Trairi

Mundaú is the third beach in the city of Trairi which, along with Flecheiras and Guajiru, are some of the most beautiful beaches in Ceará.

The beach of Mundaú has a more deserted and wild aspect, which brings a special charm to the region. Despite the simplicity, visitors can count on a good infrastructure of tents and kiosks during their tour.

It is possible to take boat trips to enjoy all the beauties of the green and crystalline waters of Mundaú beach. There is a rich ecosystem to admire, with mangroves, dunes, natural pools and much more.

Tourism and Travel Guide of the Northeast and Paraíba  – Beaches of the coast of Fortaleza and surroundings

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