Biography of singer Elba Ramalho

Biography of singer Elba Ramalho
Biography of singer Elba Ramalho

Elba Maria Nunes Ramalho or Elba Ramalho, fourth daughter of the couple João Nunes de Souza and Maria Geni Ramalho. The couple's children, in order, are: Everaldo, Everton, Ednovalda (Vavá), Elba, Eracliton and João Nunes Filho, all also born in Conceição/PB.

Elba Ramalho born August 17, 1951, in the interior of Paraíba, municipality of Conceição, better known as Conceição do Vale do Piancó. Daughter of a musician, she began to take an interest in music in her teens, when she lived in Campina Grande.

In 1962, Elba Ramalho's family moved to Campina Grande PB, where his father became the owner of the cinema in the city and Elba took the old high school course.

Four years later, he stepped on stage for the first time, in a performance by the Manuel Bandeira Artistic and Cultural Foundation Choir, of which he was a member.

During the university course in sociology and economics at the Federal University of Paraíba, he formed the female group As Brasas.

In 1974, Roberto Santana, producer of Chico Buarque and Caetano Veloso, to perform as crooner, alongside Quinteto Violado during a season in Rio de Janeiro. When returning to the Northeast, Elba Ramalho refused to do so.

Biography of Elba Ramalho

He decided to abandon everything (including the university course in the last year) and stay in Rio de Janeiro, without any support or financial resources. Starting to attend Baixo Leblon, he met artists such as Alcaeus Valença and Carlos Vereza.

Also in 1974, Elba Ramalho participated in the play Viva o Cordão Encarnado, with the theater group Chegança, by Luís Mendonça, drawing the attention of critics due to the hyperactivity on stage, which would become the main characteristic.

Other productions came until, in 1978, Elba Ramalho participated in the play Ópera do Malandro, by Chico Buarque, a great production directed by Luiz Antonio Martinez Corrêa. Elba played the role of the prostitute Lucia. There were also in the cast, names like Otávio Augusto (Max), Marieta Severo (Terezinha) and Emiliano Queiroz (Geni).

Ópera do Malandro was launched at a time when Chico Buarque's poetics were “very sharp”. Elba Ramalho was a prominent presence, which boosted her career as an actress and singer.

Therefore, Chico Buarque inserted a recording O meu amor interpreted by Marieta Severo and Elba Ramalho for the album that had the name as its title, released in 1978.

The song was perpetuated and the success gave Elba the opportunity to record her first album, for CBS, in 1979, entitled Silver Ave.

From then on, Elba Ramalho turned more to her singing career, although, according to her, the theater is present in all shows, being largely responsible for the peculiar scenic strength.

In 1980 Elba Ramalho recorded her second LP, Capim do vale, and made her first international tour, in Africa. The following year, he participated in the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, and released the album Elba.

In 1982, he released the album Alegria, selling more than 300 copies in Brazil alone, and performed in Europe and Israel.

In 1983, Elba Ramalho released the album Coração Brasileiro and was definitively enshrined in the first line of MPB. The song Bath of smell, hit the charts, pulling a string of hits from this same album.

Coração Brasileiro quickly achieved gold and platinum records, and the concert of the same name, held at Canecão, broke for the first time the attendance records registered there in Roberto Carlos' concerts. Elba was on the cover of Veja, being considered by the magazine “the biggest Brazilian music star in 1983”. The singer was also the subject of Rede Globo's year-end special.

Since then Elba Ramalho is considered one of the main interpreters of Brazilian music, with expressive sales, thanks to the presence of stage and unmistakable voice. At the Festa de São João, held annually in Campina Grande, Elba's presence is already traditional, as the most anticipated show. In February 1989, at age 37, he did a measured rehearsal for Playboy magazine.

Elba Ramalho was married to model Gaetano Lopes (1995-2008), with two daughters, Maria Clara, adopted in 2000, and Maria Esperança, adopted in 2007 and was also married to actor and singer Maurício Mattar, with whom she had a son, Luã (1987).

In 2001, a journalist from Veja magazine claimed in an article that Elba Ramalho had said at a UFO congress in Curitiba that she had been chipped by extraterrestrials. The claim yielded a lawsuit for moral damages against the magazine, but the verdict announced in 2006 did not gain the singer.

Biography of singer Elba Ramalho

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