Biography of Maranhão singer Alcione

Biography of Maranhão singer Alcione
Biography of Maranhão singer Alcione

Alcione was born in São Luís do Maranhão, the singer lived her youth in Rio de Janeiro and began her professional career at the age of 20.

Since she was a little girl, thanks to the police father and member of her corporation's band, João Carlos Dias Nazareth, inserted in the musical milieu of Maranhão, Alcione made her first performance at the age of twelve.

He took the normal course, graduating in teaching.

Despite her clear talent for music, Alcione graduated as a primary school teacher, and taught for two years at a school in Maranhão. After being fired from the institution for teaching students how to play the trumpet, Alcione decided to devote herself to music.

Since then, Alcione is the owner of many successes in her career, winner of a
Latin Grammy and Best Popular Singer by the Brazilian Academy of Letters.

During the 1960s and mid-1970s, Alcione began performing in bars in the Maranhão region, until he decided to move to Rio de Janeiro, in search of better opportunities for his career.

Biography of Maranhão singer Alcione

He moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1967, working at TV Excelsior. After having toured countries in South America, he lived in Europe for two years. He returned to Brazil in 1972 and three years later he won his first gold record through his first LP, A voz do samba (1975).

Identifying himself with samba, he soon became a fervent supporter of Mangueira, a school that brought together great samba musicians in the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

She earned the nickname Brown, with which she is also known, and her first big hit was Edson and Aluísio's “Não Let o Samba Morrer”, in the repertoire of the first LP.

In more than three decades of career, he has won awards of nineteen gold records, two platinum and one double platinum; for two consecutive years, she won the Tim award in the category best samba singer, between 2004 and 2005.

In addition to “Don't Let Samba Morrer”, Alcione's voice has consecrated numerous songs, such as: Sufoco, Gostoso venom, Rio Antigo, Nem morta, Garoto naoto, A prophecy, Delusions of love, A new passion, After pleasure, As long as I miss it, Strange madness, It makes me crazy, The wolf, Satin scraps, Any of these days, It can wait, What I do tomorrow, The deaf, Worst is that I like it, My vice and you, Tambourine is mine name, You turn my head, Who of us, Mineira, My ebony, among many others.

Alcione is a resident of the Village Marapendi condominium, in the neighborhood of Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro.

Awards and tributes to Alcione

Considered one of Maranhão's prides, singer Alcione received several honors not only in her homeland but in different parts of Brazil. Just to mention the most important, see: Alcione became the name of an important theater, located in the historic center of São Luís, his birthplace; In 2003, the Elevado Alcione Nazareth was inaugurated, also in São Luís, an important viaduct that connects the Ipase and Vila Palmeira neighborhoods. In Rio de Janeiro, she was the subject of a samba-enredo in 1994 by the Unidos da Ponte samba school, with the samba Marrom da cor do samba, although the singer declares herself a lover of the Mangueira samba school.

Alcione has received several awards throughout his career, including several gold and platinum records.

A proof of this, since the beginning of the Tim Music Award, she has always been elected as the best samba singer, also being part of ABC da Música, composed by: A:Alcione, B: Beth Carvalho and C:Clara Nunes.

Alcione's Discography

UniversalMusic / Philips

The Voice of Samba (1975)
Death of a Poet (1976)
Why cry (1977)
General alert (1978)
Yummy Poison (1979)
And let's fight (1980)
Alcyone (1981)
Ten years later (1982)

Sony BMG / RCA

Let's shiver (1982)
Souls and Hearts (1983)
The color of Brazil (1984) (Gold)
Fire of Life (1985) (Gold)
Fruit and Roots (1986) (Platinum)
Our Name: Resistance (1987) (Platinum)
Gold & Copper (1988) (Gold)
Simply Brown (1989) (Gold)
Real Emotions (1990)
Promise (1991)
Pulsa, heart (1993) (Gold)
Brazil by Oliveira da Silva do Samba (1994) (Gold)
Profession: Singer (1995)
Time of Garnicê (1996)

Universal Music / Polygram

Valeu – A Homage to the New Generation of Samba (1997) (Gold)
Celebration (1998) (Gold)
Clarity (1999) (Gold)
At Bars da Vida (2000) – live (Platinum)
The Passion has Memory (2001) (Gold)

indie records

Live (2002) (Platinum)
Live 2 (2003) (Platinum)
Alcione – Duets (2004)
Go Crazy for Me (2004) (Platinum)
Do A Madness for Me – Live (2005)
New Millennium – ALCIONE (2005)
Maxximum – Alcyone (2005)
Alcione and Friends (2005)
A New Passion (2005) (Gold)
A New Passion – Live (2006) (Gold)
Novels (2006)
Collections – Greatest Hits by Alcione (2007)
Everything I Like (2007)
Rarities (2008)

Biography of Maranhão singer Alcione

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