Trail to Buracão Waterfall in Chapada Diamantina

Cachoeira do Buracão na Chapada Diamantina
Buracão Waterfall in Chapada Diamantina

The Buracão Waterfall in Chapada Diamantina has opened the paths of tourism for the municipality of Ibicoara.

The winding canyons attract tourists who find several options for rappelling, cascading, climbing and trekking, alone or together, in canyoning – one of the most exciting modalities of adventure tourism, which consists of the sport descent of canyons and waterfalls, crossing unevenness, with the use of appropriate equipment and various techniques.

Trail to the Buracão Waterfall

The trail to get to the waterfall was the quietest we did in the Chapada Diamantina, lasting about an hour and practically no climb.

Cachoeira do Buracão em Ibicoara
Buracão Waterfall in Ibicoara

The beginning is at the entrance of the Municipal Park of Espalhado, following the bed of the Espalhado River, which flows into the Buracão waterfall.

Knowing one of the main attractions of Chapada Diamantina, the Buracão Waterfall, requires courage.

It all starts with the beautiful road from Ibicoara (28 km of land), from where you can see huge mountains amid the bucolic atmosphere of the farms.

The car is parked at the beginning of the trail (an hour’s walk), which follows the bed of a river to the place where you see the waterfall from above.

There begins the descent that passes by the Recanto Verde waterfall – a thin veil of water that falls between the forest – and leads to the canyon where the Buracão is located.

To see the fall from the front of the Buracão waterfall there are two options: cross a pinguela and walk through narrow paths, always clinging to the wall; or swimming (the guides offer life jackets).

The scenery is impressive: a hole in the middle of the rock and the fall that forms a huge pool.

Video about the trail to Buracão Waterfall

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