Caraíva – Tips for your trip to this paradise on the south coast of Bahia

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Caraíva na Bahia
Caraíva na Bahia

Caraíva is a seaside village located in the middle of the spectacular South Coast of Bahia, 70 km from Porto Seguro International Airport, still little known among tourists and with the reputation of a rustic destination.

South of Arraial d’Ajuda, is Caraíva, an isolated paradise and entrance to the Pataxó indigenous reserve, six kilometres from Monte Pascoal National Park, where an area of rich natural beauty is sheltered.

Access to the village is only possible by canoe. Cars are not allowed. Rustic accommodation and restaurants; beaches with calm and transparent waters can be travelled on foot, by boat or on horseback.

Thanks to this stripped-down spirit, Caraíva still preserves unspoilt beaches and others that are practically deserted, surrounded by coconut palms and green forest.

To maintain all this beauty, the locals warn about the importance of environmental preservation.

Mapa da Costa do Descobrimento na Bahia
Mapa da Costa do Descobrimento na Bahia

The natural beauty of Caraíva is impressive, as it is a small fishing village surrounded by the sea and bathed by a beautiful river with calm waters, the Caraíva River.

Caraíva is protected by APA Caraiva x Trancoso (Environmental Protection Area) and by RESEX (Marine Extractive Reserve).

The crossing of the Caraiva River is done in canoes by local residents, when crossing it, the village and kilometres of beautiful beaches await you.

Cars and motorbikes are not allowed in the village, as the streets are all sand, the locomotion is made on foot and transport by small carts.

To get to know the beaches, the village, the indigenous village and the surprises that the Coast has in store for you, you will have to exercise a lot, but if you prefer you can use the services of local tourism agencies to have incredible experiences in Caraíva and the region.

Video Tourism Guide of Caraíva BA

The beaches fascinate with their beauty.

Canoe trips along the Caraíva River, passing through mangroves and forests.

Diving at Ponta do Corumbau and Pedra do Tatuaçu.

70 km from the International Airport of Porto Seguro in the Discovery Coast, still little known among tourists and with the reputation of a rustic destination, Caraíva has been changing its face and increasingly enters the route of travellers who wish to know the beautiful beaches of Bahia.

Foto aérea de Caraíva na Bahia
Foto aérea de Caraíva na Bahia

Not long ago the village got electricity (restricted, at the request of the residents, to the interior of the residences and shops) and until today the streets are all sandy.

In the village of Caraíva there are no cars, the inns are small and the charm is still the feeling of being in a destination that stopped in time.

Excellent choice to rest, get in touch with nature and, of course, enjoy the beautiful beaches and a river bath at sunset.

Vila de Caraíva is not for those looking for luxury, but it is certainly for those looking for one of the best destinations in Bahia to be happy and take a good holiday facing the sea.

Caraíva surprises by engaging visitors very quickly.

The place is really spectacular and you will only need a few minutes by boat to cross the river to the village to feel part of that spectacle. Enjoy every minute in Caraíva and remember to relax! That’s the key word for those who cross the Caraíva River.

To ensure that stress is far away, a freshwater swim in the Caraíva River is recommended; or a saltwater swim on the beach of the same name. It doesn’t take long for newcomers to realise why the place is so beloved by visitors.

Tourist attractions of Caraíva

Caraíva Beach

The main beach, the closest to the centre, takes the name of Caraíva Beach.

There are about two kilometres of soft sand and sea with shades ranging from green to blue. This is also where the best beach structure is, just don’t expect dozens of tents side by side. They are few, but they do the job.

The Beira-Rio

Unlike most coastal towns, here the restaurants and even the buzz are not on the beach sand, but on the Beira-Rio, the little street that borders the river. Of the tips of Caraíva, this is the most pleasant place.

This is also where the bars and forrós are located, which are a hit at night among tourists during the season. But even in other seasons, there is always someone handing out an advert for some event or luau.


Usually the inns or the boatmen themselves organise the tours around Caraíva.

The most common are to the Pataxó tribe in  Barra Velha, the  Mount Pascoal National ParkCorumbau and also to the famous Praia do Espelho, already in Trancoso.

There are those who face going on foot or on horseback, but besides being long (about 9km to Espelho and 6km to Barra Velha) you need to be aware of the tide, as you can only walk on the sand at low tide. Always ask for advice at your hostel before taking the risk.

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