Bahia and Salvador Tourism Guide

The mixture of races, cultures and creeds, which received generous doses of joy and syncretism, gave Bahia and Salvador a unique and passionate atmosphere that attracts Brazilians and foreigners all year round.

It is in the summer, however, that Salvador gains even more shine, with popular festivals that draw crowds after religious images and, of course, the trios Elétricos.

From December to Carnival, many are honored – from Senhor do Bonfim to Rei Momo. Faithful and revelers thank you!

Bahia is the historical and cultural cradle of Brazil 

The History of Brazil was born in 1500, in Porto Seguro, and Brazilian culture was born in the second decade of the 16th century, with Caramuru, the patriarch of Brazil and the founder of Bahia, according to Jaboatão.

Tourist Attractions in Bahia and Salvador

Beaches, historical heritage and cultural traditions are the main attractions for tourists.

Folklore, cuisine, carnival and religious syncretism are highlights for those seeking to learn about Bahian culture.

Bahia presents its board of tourist itineraries and trips through the history of Brazil.

From secular churches to the typical handicrafts of the cities of the interior, from the diverse beliefs of its mestizo people to the myths and rites of local folklore, the state opens up in a true mosaic of attractions for those who want to unveil Bahia in all its grace and poetry.

Bahia and Salvador tour guide with hotels and inns, travel tips and beaches.

Sao Diogo Fort in Salvador BA
Culture, History and Religion in Salvador, Bahia and Northeast

Defenses of Porto da Barra – Forts of Santa Maria and São Diogo

The highlight of the fortifications in the landscape of the city of Salvador certainly represents the imposition of the tactical and strategic need for their positioning in an elevated location, with privileged visibility to the surrounding areas. But the military engineer who designed and built them cannot be denied the aesthetic sensibility that he assimilated […]

Fort of Our Lady of Monserrate in Salvador

History of the Fort of Our Lady of Monte Serrat

The Fort of Nossa Senhora de Monte Serrat, originally called Castelo de São Felipe, is considered an example of extraordinary importance of our primitive fortified architecture, as it is the most archaic model of local defenses that survived without major transformations. In this particular, it is perhaps the oldest existing in the entire […]

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