Coconut Coast

Coconut Coast stands out for major tourist attractions and beaches, such as Praia do Forte, Praia de Imbassaí, Mangue Seco, Lauro Freitas, Entre Rios, Conde, Camaçari and Ilha Timeantube.

Tourism in Coconut Coast

The Coconut Coast Tourist Area comprises the entire northern coast of the State of Bahia, Brazil, extending for one hundred and ninety-three kilometers. In the State, between the Tourist Area of ​​Baía de Todos os Santos and the State of Sergipe, that is, from Ipitanga to Mangue Seco.

On the Coconut Coast you can find Praia do Forte, Porto Sauípe and Parque das Dunas in Mangue Seco.

It is served by the Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport, from where the region is reached by the ecological route called Linha Verde, parallel to the coast.

The Casa da Torre or Castelo de Garcia d'Ávila served as the basis for the colonization of the north coast and the expansion of cattle raising in the Northeast region of Brazil, shaped like a kind of fief.

Garcia D'Avila's allotment located, from Bahia to Maranhão, within an area of ​​about 800 thousand square kilometers, equivalent to 1/10 of the Brazilian territory today, which is equivalent to the areas, added, of Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland[1] .

The Coconut Coast is crossed by the BA-099 in its two stretches the Estrada do Coco and its extension to the Linha Verde equipped with numerous means of accommodation in a total of 11.611 beds, according to the SCT.

The region is famous for its coconut trees, which adorn the nearly 200 kilometers of beaches, as well as rivers, lakes, small waterfalls and mangroves that help balance the marine fauna.

Tourism and Travel Guide of Coconut Coast in Bahia

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