Maps of Bahia and Salvador

Maps of the tourist regions of Bahia that are from Salvador, Todos os Santos Bay, Costa dos Coqueiros, Costa do Cacau, Costa do Descobrimento, Costa das Baleias, Chapada Diamantina, Lagos do São Francisco and Caminhos do Oeste.

Tourism in Bahia stands out because the state is one of the main tourist centers in the country. Its vast coastline beaches, colonial historic sites, natural beauty and rich culture are a constant attraction for visitors from all over the world.

Maps of the Tourism Regions of Bahia

Bahia (see maps) is the state with the longest coastline in Brazil, covering a total of 932 kilometers, corresponding to 12,4% of the total.

The state capital, Salvador, stands out for its local carnival, which attracts around 2,7 million revelers in six days of celebration.

Among the tourist attractions, the Baía de Todos os Santos, the Farol da Barra, located on Barra beach, the Elevador Lacerda and the Pelourinho, stand out.

On the coast of Bahia (see maps), there is the district of Costa do Sauípe, the largest tourist complex in Brazil, designed from the outset with a view to tourism and filled almost entirely with hotels and resorts.

The Abrolhos Archipelago (see maps) stands out for having an excellent area for scuba diving and free diving, as well as attractions such as the humpback whale season, which starts in July.

There are still many other coastal places sought by tourists: Praia do Forte, Guarajuba, Itacimirim, Prado, Itacaré, Santa Cruz Cabrália, Camamu, Ituberá, Alcobaça, Morro de São Paulo, Itaparica island, among others.

The Bahian coast also has other very touristic places such as Arraial d'Ajuda, in Porto Seguro, place of the discovery of Brazil, Morro de São Paulo, Praia do Forte and Maraú.

Maps of the Tourism Regions of Bahia and Salvador

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