Dendê Coast

Costa do Dendê is a true paradise of beaches, bays and mangroves on the Maraú Peninsula, Morro de São Paulo, Tinharé Archipelago, Maraú, Boipeba, Camamu and Barra Grande.

Bahians have everything to be proud of the Dendê Coast.

Tourism on the palm oil coast

The Tinharé Archipelago, for example, has 36 paradise islands. The third largest in Brazil, the Baía de Camamu, in turn, houses an ecological sanctuary: ten unexplored islands, with primitive vegetation and traditional coconut trees.

The tour in Costa do Dendê starts at the island of Boipeba, which stands out for its diversity of ecosystems.

Moreré's natural pools are a spectacle in their own right.

The next stop is Maraú.

Between Camamu Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the peninsula boasts islands, beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, natural pools, mangroves, forest and rivers.

The tour includes Barra Grande and its cinematographic beaches, as well as the stunning Itacaré, with its vast expanse of beaches surrounded by coconut groves and white sand.

Rivers, waterfalls, virgin forests, salt marshes and mangroves complete the stunning natural scenery, which invites you to practice rappelling, rafting, canoeing, hiking, ecological trails and surfing.

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