São Francisco Valley

The cities located in the São Francisco Valley have a very large tourist potential due to the cultural wealth accumulated since colonial times.

In addition, great surprises are found along the way for those who decide to explore its landscapes.

Tourism in the São Francisco Valley

The São Francisco Valley is the region that is drained by the São Francisco River and its tributaries.

It is located mostly in the states of Minas Gerais, Bahia, Pernambuco, Sergipe and Alagoas.

It is a fertile area that has received several investments in federal and government irrigation.

It became an important producer of fruits and vegetables.

The sub-region that has developed the most is the one comprised by the cities of Juazeiro (Bahia) and Petrolina (Pernambuco), which has become the largest urban conglomerate in the semi-arid region.

Its production is almost completely exported through the airport of Petrolina and the port of Suape, both in Pernambuco and the Port of Aratu in Salvador-Ba and also through the Mercado do Produtor in Juazeiro-BA, the largest commercial warehouse in the north-northeast of Brazil.

In the tourist re-mapping of the state of Bahia, the São Francisco Lakes and Canyons region was nominated and approved by the State Forum as a new tourist zone to be developed.

The destination is in the process of consolidation and is formed by the municipalities of Juazeiro, Casa Nova, Curaçá, Remanso and Sobradinho.

On the other hand, Juazeiro da Bahia, the main border point between the states of Bahia and Pernambuco, has a thriving trade on the banks of the São Francisco River and a modern agro-industrial hub, with intense export activity.

The city still retains some monuments of the civil architecture of the last century, having been modernized with the urbanization of the riverfront and the renovation of the arches of the Eurico Gaspar Dutra bridge, now occupied by small bars and restaurants.

São Francisco Valley Tourism and Travel Guide

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