North Coast of Pernambuco

The North Coast of Pernambuco is almost completely urbanized from Recife to the border of Paraíba, which includes the tourist cities of Goiana, Igarassu and Ilha de Itamaracá.

The northern coast of Pernambuco is more densely inhabited than the southern coast, almost completely urbanized from the Metropolitan Region of Recife to the border of Paraíba. It has one of the most important historical sites in the region, such as the municipalities of Olinda, Itamaracá and Goiana, which began to be populated in 1508. Brazil-colony buildings, such as Forte Orange, are frequently visited by tourists visiting the region.

In addition to the beaches, it is also known for having the Veneza Water Park, one of the largest water parks in Brazil, located on Marinha Farinha beach, a neighborhood in the city of Paulista, in the metropolitan region of Recife.

The main beaches on the North Coast are in the municipalities of:

Paulista (beaches of: Maria Farinha, Conceição, Pau Amarelo and Janga), Goiana (beaches of: Pontas de Pedra, Carne de Vaca, Catuama, Barra de Catuama and Atapuz), Itamaracá (beaches of: Itamaracá and Gavoa), Olinda ( beaches: Rio Doce and Casa Caiada).

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