Recife is the Brazilian Venice and holds great historical and cultural riches such as churches, forts, theaters, basilicas and rich architecture, as well as beautiful urban beaches and carnival.

Even in the Metropolitan Region, the attractions are countless. Recife Antigo, the most traditional neighborhood in the capital of Pernambuco, a cultural and entertainment hub, is a must-see for tourists.

There are bars, restaurants, nightclubs, a craft fair, in addition to the city's ground zero and the first synagogue in the Americas, the Kahal Zur Israel, built in 1637 by Jews who came from Amsterdam to live in Recife.

The capital of the State of Pernambuco also stands out for its pioneering work in cinematography and for being the cradle of creative and entrepreneurial talents, and every year the city of Recife becomes the stage for national cinema.

The best Brazilian films of the season are screened at CINE PE, and filmmakers who have made a name for themselves in national cinema are present, as well as young directors, producers, actors and actresses, a showcase of the seventh art that has already entered the national calendar.

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