In Ceará, Fortaleza, the beaches and cliffs in Jericoacoara, Canoa Quebrada, Aracati and Cumbuco stand out, in addition to the culture and history.

Landmarks in Ceará

Canoa Quebrada

For a long time, Canoa Quebrada in Ceará it was a hippie hideout. Today, however, it receives many tourists and is not as quiet as it used to be. But the beauty remains undisputed: the beaches with reddish cliffs are fascinating.

Anyone who has time to do more than a simple get-together from Fortaleza knows a calm and special place.


very high spirits, Jericoacoara in Ceará it attracts young people, but it is calm. In July, the wind and kite surfing season begins and the beach is colored with surfboards.

At dusk, tourists and some locals gather at Duna do Pôr do Sol.

Another must-see is the walk to the famous Holed Stone, carved by the sea – in July, the sun appears in the middle of the hole.

The nets over the water of Lagoa do Paraíso are a registered trademark of Jijoca de jericoacoara, 23 kilometers from Jericoacoara.

The feeling of being away from any problems is inevitable – the place seems to have been made to relax and not think about anything else.

Tatajuba Beach in Camocim in Ceará, the original village was buried by the dunes on the right bank. On the other side of the Tatajuba River, the current fishing village was built.

You can arrive by buggy or four-wheel-drive vehicles, as after taking the ferry from the Coreaú river, it is necessary to overcome 4 km of sand and dune road.

The beach is the picture of peace, very little busy, it is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy it without too much hype.

Beach Park

Almost no one visits Fortaleza without taking a look at the Beach Park.

By the sea, the water park is fun for the whole family, with light, moderate and extreme attractions.

Among so many water slides, Insano is still the champion of adrenaline: the descent from 41 meters in height reaches a speed of 105 kilometers per hour.

But make no mistake, on vacation be prepared to face long lines.

The small fishing village is a stop for buggy rides – this is the best way to get there. Half-moon-shaped, with colored sand cliffs, Ponta Grossa also has dunes that make up the landscape.

The sea is tumbling, with green water, full of reefs and submerged rocks. The path from Canoa Quebrada to this beach is beautiful.

A Future beach in Fortaleza it is extensive, with a wide strip of sand and mega tents that are always full.


It is one of the most beautiful urban beaches in Fortaleza and it's not difficult to find pools with slides, water slides, playgrounds and recreation.

Its very well equipped tents attract tourists, who spend good hours there drinking a beer and eating snacks in front of the sea. At night, the action continues, with forró dances.


You know those little craft bottles made of colored sand? Many go to the village of white hill (Beberibe) in search of these souvenirs to give to friends.

Lose yourself in the labyrinth of the cliffs, with sands of different shades.

A Guajiru beach (Trairi) in Ceará is much less busy than the others; the village preserves the tranquility and is ideal for those who want to escape from the hubbub of central beaches.

The quiet beach has few inns, coconut trees and white dunes.

Formed by cliffs, dunes and coconut trees, Lagoinha is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ceará.

The main bars, restaurants and inns are located in a center and, despite not being as preserved as it was a few years ago, the place is heavenly. All this, without the muvuca of the most central beaches.

Round Beach (Icapuí), the fishing village has, like most beaches there, reddish cliffs, reefs and beautiful landscapes in the most deserted stretch.

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Best beaches in Ceará

Best beaches on the coast of Ceará

The sun always prevails on the coast of Ceará and the heat is guaranteed. That Ceará is full of beautiful beaches is no secret. There are dunes, colored cliffs, white sand and incredibly blue waters. In addition, some of them reserve a great structure, with fully equipped beach kiosks and very […]

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