On the east and west coast of Ceará, dunes and cliffs are practically interspersed with each beach, as in Canoa Quebrada, Jericoacoara, Aquiraz, Camocim and Bitupitá.

The State of Ceará is one of the main tourist centers in Brazil and the main reason for this is its beautiful beaches spread along its coastline.

Tourism on the East and West coast of Ceará

The curious thing is that the coast of Ceará is divided into east and west, unlike most of the rest of the country, which lies between north and south.

The differences are quite striking between the two coasts.

The east has beaches that are usually more crowded, especially the cliffs that are found in the vast majority.

On the west coast, the beaches are less populated and have dunes. In addition, the capital Fortaleza also offers good beaches for tourist leisure.

The diversity of scenery and natural landscapes is striking in Ceará. Exploring the beaches is sure to find different characteristics.

Canoa Quebrada and Jericoara are hot among tourists.

Best beaches in Ceará

Best beaches on the coast of Ceará

The sun always prevails on the coast of Ceará and the heat is guaranteed. That Ceará is full of beautiful beaches is no secret. There are dunes, colored cliffs, white sand and incredibly blue waters. In addition, some of them reserve a great structure, with fully equipped beach kiosks and very […]

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