Oeiras and São Raimundo Nonato

The first settlers who entered the hinterlands of the current state of Piauí settled on the banks of the Mocha River, where Oeiras would originate and São Raimundo Nonato is the capital of prehistory.

The municipality of Oeiras, about 300 kilometers from Teresina, has many surprises for tourists who visit it. The first capital of Piauí concentrates a great historical and religious wealth, translated in its mansions and in the manifestations of faith and religiosity.

Visiting Oeiras in Piauí is like going back to the past. The Historic Center of Oeiras, the XNUMXth and XNUMXth century colonial houses, among other tourist attractions.

The hotel network in the city of Oeiras is prepared to serve a large number of tourists.

The city of Oeiras PI is considered the oldest nucleus of Piauí and cradle of the history and colonization of the State.

One of the main tourist attractions of São Raimundo Nonato in Piauí is the Serra da Capivara National Park. This park is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, being responsible for the worldwide recognition of the municipality. Another place to visit is the Museum of the American Man, responsible for storing and displaying historical and prehistoric finds from the Serra da Capivara National Park.

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