Sete Cidades Park

In the Sete Cidades National Park there are geological monuments and an archaeological heritage, amidst the fauna and flora of the transition area between the cerrado and the caatinga.

The Sete Cidades National Park is located 190 kilometers from Teresina, in the municipality of Piripiri. The park has 6.200 hectares and is famous for its geological monuments, called Sete Cidades de Pedra.

The entrance is through the Portal of Desires. “When a person passes here for the first time, legend has it that they can make up to three orders. You can't just ask to look good, get married or get rich. Ambition and vanity, legend has it that it's not allowed, it's not valid to do it”, Patrícia Sousa, tour guide.

Each city in the Sete Cidades National Park has its own history. In the pool of miracles there is a spring that never stopped gushing, the triumphal arch is similar to the French one and in the Catirina Cave lived a local healer.

It is the rocky walls that give wings to the visitors' imagination and gave life to the stones. It has the tortoise stone, the elephant, the head of Dom Pedro II, the map of Brazil and the three wise men. “Geological monuments are natural. They are in an advanced state of degradation. From a degradation caused by water, wind, when millions of years ago, this region was the bottom of the sea”, reveals Conceição Lage, archaeologist.

Access to Sete Cidades National Park, with the right to a guide, costs an average of R$50. Walking along the trails, it is possible to find archaeological sites. Seventy have already been discovered. They preserve cave paintings dating back six thousand years.

Very close to the Sete Cidades National Park, there are inns that facilitate the tourist's stay. The couple's daily rate costs R$ 180.

To discover all this biological heritage, it is 17 kilometers on foot. The walk lasts almost a whole day, but at the end it is possible to cool off the heat by taking a dip in the stream's waterfall.

The waterfall is twenty meters high. The equivalent of a six-story building.

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