The coastline of Alagoas is 230 kilometres long.

Along the coast, it is possible to find paradisiacal scenarios that make the state considered one of the most beautiful in the entire northeastern region.

The Alagoas coastline has beautiful beaches with these, such as Patacho, in Porto de Pedras, near São Miguel dos Milagres.

There is also Praia do Morro, in Barra de Santo Antônio, as well as Maragogi, which holds the most precious treasure of the Coral Coast: the famous Galés, a set of natural pools compared by many to the beautiful Caribbean islands.

In an itinerary that goes from the south to the north of the state, the 10 best beaches in Alagoas for those who want to party or relax by the sea.

The 10 best beaches in the costline of Alagoas

– Praia do Francês
– Ponta Verde
– Gunga Beach
– Pontal de Coruripe
– Lagoa do Pau Beach
– Ipioca Beach
– Pituba Beach
– Barra de Camaragibe
– Peba Beach
– Maragogi Beach

Alagoas and Northeast Tourism Guide

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