South Coast

The southern coast of Alagoas is equally enchanting and offers a variety of tourist attractions, from paradisiacal beaches to historic villages and ecotourism options.

Tourist Spots and Activities on the South Coast of Alagoas

Praia do Francês

  • Location: Close to the town of Marechal Deodoro, around 20 kilometres south of Maceió.
  • Description: One of the most famous beaches in Alagoas, known for its clear, warm waters, ideal for practising water sports such as surfing and stand-up paddle.
  • Infrastructure: It offers an excellent tourist infrastructure with bars, restaurants and craft shops.

Gunga Beach

  • Location: Located in Barra de São Miguel, about 35 kilometres south of Maceió.
  • Description: Known for its impressive stretch of sand surrounded by coconut trees and colourful cliffs.
  • Activities: Buggy, banana boat and stand-up paddle rides are popular. The Gunga viewpoint offers a spectacular panoramic view of the beach and the cliffs.

Barra de São Miguel

  • Description: A charming and quiet village with beautiful beaches with calm waters, protected by reefs that form natural pools.
  • Activities: Boat trips to Praia do Gunga and snorkelling in the natural pools.

Mundaú Lagoon and Manguaba Lagoon

  • Location: Close to the town of Marechal Deodoro.
  • Description: The two largest lagoons in Alagoas, connected by canals and mangroves, offer a rich biodiversity.
  • Activities: Boat trips, fishing and wildlife watching are popular. The region is also excellent for water sports.

Marechal Deodoro

  • History: A historic city and the first capital of Alagoas, it is the birthplace of Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca, proclaimer of the Republic of Brazil.
  • Attractions: The historic centre has baroque churches, colonial mansions and museums. The Church of São Gonçalo do Amarante and the Convent of São Francisco are highlights.
  • Praia do Francês: As well as the historic town, Marechal Deodoro also offers the famous Praia do Francês.

Pontal do Peba

  • Location: In the municipality of Piaçabuçu, near the mouth of the São Francisco River.
  • Description: A long, quiet beach, ideal for those seeking peace and contact with nature.
  • Activities: Boat trips along the São Francisco River, bird watching and exploring the region’s mobile dunes.


  • Beaches: Coruripe has several lovely beaches, such as Praia de Lagoa do Pau and Praia do Pontal de Coruripe, known for their clear waters and coral reefs.
  • Coruripe Lighthouse: An iconic tourist spot that offers a beautiful view of the sea and the surrounding beaches.

Jequiá da Praia

  • Lagoa de Jequiá: A large lagoon surrounded by mangroves and dunes, ideal for boat trips and observing the local fauna.
  • Praia de Jacarecica do Sul: A secluded and quiet beach, perfect for those who want to relax in the midst of nature.

Culture and Gastronomy

  • Gastronomy: The south coast of Alagoas is famous for its seafood-rich cuisine. Typical dishes include sururu, peixada, caldeirada, and the famous tapioca.
  • Fairs and Markets: Local markets and craft fairs offer regional products such as lace, ceramics and products made from coconut palm straw.

Tips for Visiting

  • Best Time: The dry season, from September to March, is the best time to visit the south coast of Alagoas, making the most of the sun and outdoor activities.
  • Transport: Renting a car is a good option for exploring the region with more freedom and comfort. Sightseeing tours are also available.

The south coast of Alagoas is an enchanting destination that combines natural beauty, history and culture, offering a complete experience for visitors.

South Coast

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