The Sertão region of Pernambuco has great historical and cultural potential, such as Lampião and Cangaço, as well as the cities of Petrolina, Serra Talhada and Triunfo.

The state’s hinterland also has a distinctive climate. At an altitude of 1,004 metres is the city of Triunfo, the highest in Pernambuco, where every year the Student Festival takes place, with theatre and dance groups, and the Film Festival, at the Cine Teatro Guarany, a heritage-listed building.

Pernambuco also has the Caruaru Fair, the largest open-air fair in the world, considered an intangible heritage of Brazil by IPHAN; the Nova Jerusalem Theatre, the largest open-air theatre in the world where the Passion of Christ is staged every year; the Serra do Catimbau National Park, between Agreste and Sertão Pernambuco, formed by a complex of mountains, valleys and sedimentary rocks, spread over 90,000 hectares, which impresses with its grandeur and primitivism; the Serra Negra, in Bezerros, situated at an altitude of 960 metres with a temperature of up to 9º C, surrounded by an ecological reserve, which makes its beauty a postcard scenery; the São Francisco Valley, with its dozens of wineries, an ideal place for lovers of good wine.