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Mapa da Chapada Diamantina
Map of Chapada Diamantina

Chapada Diamantina is one of the most sought after destinations for those who love nature. There you and your family will see a place full of caves, caves, rivers, waterfalls, trails, hills, among others.

A Chapada Diamantina is formed by imposing canyons, hidden cavesdas, waterfalls and plant species that do not exist anywhere else in the world, a  chapada spreads over 24 municipalities in central Bahia and has as its symbol the morro do Pai Inácio, at an altitude of 1,120 meters.

The heart of Bahia lies, geographically, in the Chapada Diamantina.

It is in this mountainous region, with its diverse topography, that 90 percent of the rivers are born, including the three largest – exclusively from Bahia – that form the main basins of the state: the Paraguaçu, Jacuípe and Rio de Contas.

There are thousands of kilometers of crystalline waters that spring from the peaks, flow through the mountains in waterfalls, flow into plateaus and plains forming beautiful wells and natural pools.

Chapada Diamantina
Chapada Diamantina na Bahia

The beauty of the waters is complemented by an exuberant vegetation that mixes cactaceous species of the caatinga with rare specimens of mountain flora, especially bromeliads, orchids and the Sempre-Viva flower.

In Chapada Diamantina are the three highest points in the entire state: the Pico das Almas, with 1,958 meters of altitude, the Itobira, with 1,970m, and the Barbados, with 2,080m, which is the highest point in the Northeast.

This is because the geography of the region is an extension of the orographic system of Espinhaço, of Minas Gerais, which divides, in the vertical direction, the waters of the coast and the São Francisco River.

It is also in this region where are the Fumaça waterfall, with its 420 meters of free fall and the fascinating Enchanted well that thrills so many who visit it.

The natural attractions are so many that it is possible to choose between the underground routes of the falls, the waterfalls, walking along old trails of miners or riding through valleys like Pati in the midst of esoteric and alternative communities.

With a lot of luck, it is even possible, from the Serra do Capa Bode, in Mucugê, to see alien spaceships in the sky, as many inhabitants of the city have seen.

The historical heritage of Chapada Diamantina tells the saga of mining in every alley and in the secular mansions of the cities of Lençóis, Rio de Contas, Andaraí, Mucugê and in the tiny mountainous district of Xique-Xique do Igatu, “the city of stones”.

These cities were born and flourished with the Ore Cycle, from the 17th century onwards, when the fever for gold, diamonds and the dream of rapid enrichment took place.

The districts and villages that make up the municipalities of Chapada Diamantina have something involving the fantastic that fascinates visitors.

The first residential centers of the region, these hamlets, when not completely uninhabited, seem stagnant in time and space.

The residents, mostly old men and children, tell stories of wicked colonels, hidden treasures, sacrificed slaves who in the end become ghosts, hauntings or the like.

Among the most fantastic is the “legend of Pai Inácio” which was turned into a movie script.

The Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina was created in 1985, by federal decree, covering an area of 152,000 hectares of the Sincorá mountain range and surroundings, between the municipalities of Lençóis, Palmeiras, Andaraí, including the district of Igatu, and Mucugê.

Many ecologists, government technicians and representatives of the Chapada communities suggest a new demarcation, since several beautiful areas that need protection are outside the Park such as the morro do Pai Inácio, gruta da Pratinha, gruta Azul, poço Encantado and Lapa Doce cave, among others.

Video about the Tourist Points in Chapada Diamantina

As belezas da Chapada Diamantina - Guia de Turismo

Tourist Spots, Itineraries and Tips 

  1. Map of Chapada Diamantina National Park
  2. Map Chapada Diamantina
  3. Map of Trails and Tourist Spots
  4. The Highest and Most Beautiful Waterfalls
  5. History of Garimpo
  6. Vila do Ventura and Rupestrian Trail in Morro do Chapéu
  7. Igatu, Poço Azul and Poço Encantado
  8. Marimbus is the mini pantanal
  9. Trekking to the Pico das Almas, Barbado and Itobira
  10. Everlasting Flower is typical of Chapada Diamantina becomes a symbol of preservation
  11. Emerald hunters
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  14. Rio de Contas is considered the first planned city in Brazil
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  17. Rio de Contas one of the oldest of the region
  18. Piatã is the highest mountain town in the entire Northeast with an altitude of 1180 m
  19. Palmeiras lived its glory days with diamond extraction
  20. Mucugê is at 900m altitude amidst a privileged landscape
  21. Morro do Chapéu is at 1012 m altitude and offers a pleasant climate
  22. Lençóis is the gateway
  23. Iraquara is also known as the “City of Caves”
  24. History and Tourism Guide of Ibicoara in Bahia
  25. Andaraí which is the second main city
  26. Chapada Diamantina is world famous
  27. Vale do Pati – Trekking in the heart of Chapada Diamantina
  28. Trekking – Route through Chapada Diamantina
  29. Poço Azul
  30. Enchanted Well
  31. Torrinha Cave in Iraquara
  32. Gruta do Lapão
  33. Lapa Doce Cave and Pratinha Cave
  34. Trekking in the Pati Valley
  35. Fumaça Waterfall in Vale do Capão
  36. Trekking – Most popular trails
  37. Orchids of Chapada Diamantina
  38. The charm of the Cachoeira da Fumaça
  39. Cachoeira do Buracão
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