Comandatuba Island is home to an immense wealth of fauna and flora

Hotel Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba
Hotel Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba

The beautiful Comandatuba Island is home to an immense wealth of Brazilian fauna and flora, which are present throughout its length.

The walks are pleasant moments in contact with nature, very well preserved in this paradise.

The activities found on Comandatuba Island range from a simple and rewarding rest in the shade of a coconut tree to a lively round of golf.

For those who enjoy nautical activities, it is possible to venture into ocean or channel fishing in the surroundings of the island, or even experience the “adrenaline” of piloting a jet-ski in the midst of such a marvellous landscape.

See the Costa do Cacau map.

Hotel Transamérica na Ilha de Comandatuba

Attractions on Comandatuba Island

1. Tours

On the tours, accompanied by qualified guides, guests get information about the incredible local ecosystem. There are some unmissable tours, such as the walk through the suspension bridges of the Una Ecological Park and the Black Mud Safari.

Ilha de Comandatuba
Ilha de Comandatuba

Be sure to also visit the mangrove forest, the Dona Vida farm and a little more of Bahian culture, in the cities of Ilhéus and Canavieiras, with its old mansions.

2. Golf Course

Built between the sea and the mangrove and inaugurated in July 2000, the Ocean Course of Comandatuba Island is one of the main and best preserved golf resorts in the country.

The Ocean Course has 18 holes and four levels of difficulty, defined through the tees (exit areas of each hole), three of which are for men: the distance varies between 5,712 and 6,928 yards, which makes it suitable for professionals and accessible even for those who are still starting in the sport.

Get to know the Comandatuba Ocean Course by motorised car, learning more about this sport in a beautiful landscape.

3. Raffting

On the Aliança River, near the town of Uma, with a double boat guided by professionals.

map Hotel Transamérica Ilha de Comandatuba
map Hotel Transamérica Ilha de Comandatuba

4. Ecopark of Una

Tour accompanied by biologists in an Atlantic Forest reserve. Walk and visit to the 22-metre high walkway in the treetops.

5. Buggy ride

Buggy ride on the beach to Barra Sul, returning from the stop at Lama Negra.

6. Quadricycle Ride

Exciting ride to Barra Norte along the beach and trails.

7. Jet tour through the Mangrove

Jetski ride through the mangrove to Barra Sul – accompanied by a nautical instructor.

8. Tour around Comandatuba Island

Speedboat ride around Comandatuba Island, lasting two and a half hours.

9. Canal Fishing

Fishing lovers and beginners alike will be amazed by the amount of species in the canal. Aluminium boats with all the necessary material for a good fishing trip: artificial lures and pilot are included.

10. Birdwatching

Accompany the environmental guide on a walk on the golf course to learn about the fauna and flora of the island, and observe native birds with binoculars.

11. Hike to Barra Norte

5km walk to Barra Norte. Schooner ride back through the canal.

12. Cocoa Farm

For those who enjoy chocolate, this is a good opportunity. Learn about planting, harvesting and the entire production process of the well-known “golden fruit”, cocoa.

13. Black Mud Walk

Navigate the mangrove channels to the south of the island for a medicinal black mud bath. On the way, meet with the local community, fauna and flora. Includes tasting of cachaças and bean broth, as well as the accompaniment of an environmental guide.

14. Passarela dos Caranguejos

Walk monitored by an environmental guide to a walkway between the trees of the mangrove, to observe crabs, birds, typical trees and a demonstration of fishing and catching gear made by a real crab catcher.

15. Schooner trip to Barra Norte

Schooner trip to Barra Norte, one of the points where the canal meets the sea.

16. Ecobike

Enjoy nature in a different way. Bike ride on a trail in the Atlantic Forest, located in the Country farm.

Inns and Hotels in Comandatuba Island

1. Hotel Transamérica Ilha de Comandatuba

What is unique cannot be compared. Hotel Transamérica Ilha de Comandatuba.

An exclusive resort. In an incomparable setting.

An ideal place for those seeking contact with nature, without giving up comfort, privacy, security and total freedom, the Hotel Transamérica Ilha de Comandatuba is the perfect destination for families who want to relax and have fun, as well as for couples travelling in search of exclusivity.

2. Pousada Real Comandatuba Ilheus Itacare Bahia

Accommodation is not lacking, and for all tastes, being that the charm and good taste stand out in a …

3. Pousada São Nunca

R. Beira Rio (Comandatuba village) is the largest tourism and travel guide for Bahia and Salvador.

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