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The mountain town of Guaramiranga is located in the Maciço do Baturité and is known, with some charming exaggeration, as “the Switzerland of Ceará”.

In addition to an extensive coastline and a vast hinterland, Ceará has many mountain ranges. One of them is in the Baturité Massif, a region of the state formed by 13 municipalities;

Guaramiranga  is close to Fortaleza and therefore crowded with tourists all year round – most of them coming in search of the milder climate.

Guaramiranga in Ceará

During Carnival, the streets of Guaramiranga are filled with musicians from all over the world who come for the Jazz and Blues Festival.

Guaramiranga is a small municipality in the mountainous region of the State of Ceará, located about 100 km from the capital, Fortaleza, in the microregion of the Maciço de Baturité. With an altitude of 865m above sea level, it provides an always mild climate, with an average annual temperature between 14º and 25ºC.

It is in this climate that nature gives its spectacle, covering the region with flowers, in one of the last preserved spaces of Atlantic Forest in the State of Ceará. Its fauna and flora, very rich, are part of the Environmental Protection Area (APA) of the Baturité Massif.

The village was called Conceição, when it was elevated to the category of Vila, with the name of “Guaramiranga”, by decree no. 59 of September 4, 1890. Dated the 1st of the same month and year, a decree had already created the municipality, inaugurated on October 17 following.

The name “Guaramiranga”, of Tupi origin, means “Red Bird”, according to the historian Pompeu Sobrinho. To the letter, according to Silveira Bueno, the word means red heron. From guará: red; and miranga, the same as piranga: heron.

Guaramiranga is full of historic buildings, museums, waterfalls, lakes and ecological trails. In addition, the vegetation differs greatly from the rest of the state: instead of caatinga, Atlantic forest!

It has accommodation for different audiences, including the option of camping close to nature. You can also practice adventure sports such as abseiling, canoeing and trekking.

The small town of Guaramiranga is cozy and is a refuge for many people from Fortaleza during Carnival. On the same date, the Jazz and Blues Festival takes place, a traditional local attraction for those who want to enjoy the holiday in a different way;

There are still several other cultural events throughout the year that boost tourism in the city.

Video – What to do in Guaramiranga in Ceará

O que fazer em Guaramiranga no Ceará



In addition to the cultural attractions, Guaramiranga enchants with its natural attractions. Being located in the Baturité Massif, a mountainous region, approximately 800 meters above sea level, temperatures are always mild, usually between 14º and 25º. In July, the temperature can reach 12°C, providing a pleasant chill.

The vegetation is composed of remnants of the Atlantic Forest. For these climatic conditions, it is known as “Switzerland Cearense”.
Guaramiranga is also known as “City of Flowers”. The origin of this title lies in the tradition of growing roses in the Baturité Massif.

1. Mirante do Pico Alto – Pico Alto Viewpoint

Mirante do Pico Alto em Guaramiranga no Ceará
Pico Alto viewpoint in Guaramiranga in Ceará

At 1,115 meters above the sea, it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Guaramiranga mountains, especially at sunset. It is 8 km from the center.

2. Jesuit Monastery

The impressive stone building, erected by Portuguese Jesuits, houses objects from former residents. There is a viewpoint 1.5 km away, on top of a hill. Access is only on foot.

Mosteiro dos Jesuítas em Baturité
Jesuit Monastery in Baturité

The Jesuit monastery is in Baturité, 14 km away. A tip: before you go, call to find out if they are on retreat and confirm the dates of visits. For large groups, it is necessary to schedule. It is 14 km from Guaramiranga.

3. Parque das Trilhas – Park of Trails in Guaramiranga

Near the center, the park is located on a farm and offers six guided trails through the Atlantic Forest, with distances between 1 km and 3 km, full of native species of fauna and flora and bathing spouts.
Parque das Trilhas em Guaramiranga
Park of Trails in Guaramiranga

Adventurers can go abseiling, kayaking and zip lining down the hill.

4. Convent of the Capuchins

The 1935 construction welcomed Capuchin missionaries coming from Italy.
Convento dos Capuchinhos em Guaramiranga
Capuchin Convent in Guaramiranga
Currently, the Capuchin Convent functions as a guesthouse, but it is possible to visit the external areas, enjoying its architecture full of arcades, as well as the gardens, always filled with flowers from the region.

5. Jazz and Blues Festival

The most important meeting of international music in the Northeast takes place during Carnival. And it always has big names – Toots Thielemans and Stanley Jordan have already participated!


Maciço de Baturité no Ceará
Maciço de Baturité in Ceará

Guaramiranga has a privileged geographical location: It is the ideal place to enjoy nature within a unique ecosystem due to its geographical and climatic conditions, as it is located in an oasis within a region where the hinterland predominates.


There are two possible routes between the fortress and the city.

The shorter one crosses so many mountains that it deserves to be disregarded. Leave the capital on the BR-060 highway and drive to Baturité on a road that is flat for almost the entire stretch and is duplicated for the first 30 km. Only after Baturité does the mountain range appear – but it is only 18 km to Guaramiranga.

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