Opal is one of the most beautiful gemstones found in Brazil

Opal is one of the most beautiful gemstones found in Brazil, however, this stone or gem is not well known here.

A pity, after all, in addition to being valuable, Opal is beautiful and its shine is really impressive. It can reflect all colors of the spectrum and even shines brighter than diamonds.

Opal Gemstone
Opal Gemstone

The name “opala” comes from the Sanskrit (upala) which, translated into Portuguese, means “precious stone”.

And speaking of preciousness, good quality Opals are so highly valued in the world that they can cost US$20.000 per carat.

But there are also excellent quality opal jewelry at a more affordable price.

If you don't know Opal or know little about it, keep reading our article and check out precious information about this gem!

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Pedra Opal conquered jewelry stores all over the world

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What is Opal?

Opal Gemstone
Opal Gemstone

This precious stone is a hydrated amorphous silica and its percentage of water reaches 30%.

Opal coloration can be uniform and milky, but more often than not, several gem hues can blend into a single opal. This happens because there is a diffraction of light inside the stone, which makes possible the incredible game of colors that it produces.

Origin of Opal

According to Pliny, a Roman writer, Opal emerged from the glory of several gems: “from the soft fire of the ruby, the rich purple of the Amethyst and the sea-green of the Emerald”.

Poetizations aside, Opal takes about 60 million years to form. One more reason to be so precious!

Opal in Brazil

Entrance to the city of Pedro II in Piauí
Entrance to the city of Pedro II in Piauí

The Brazilian Opal was discovered in Pedro II, Piauí, in the year 1930, known as Terra da Opal.

From Portuguese colonization, the region has several waterfalls and a rich handicraft in weaving.

It is there in this city that the only national reserve of noble opal is installed, which is the second largest in the world. In 1958, the stone began to be exported and began to be known and appreciated all over the world, especially the iridescent stones.

In addition, the city is a good example of trade relations. The stone market is structured around associations linked to mining and cutting, ensuring organized mining to preserve the region and fair working conditions.

stone characteristics

Opal Gemstone
Opal Gemstone

Opal is a stone that has an unmistakable shine and its most common colors are white and green. Despite this, it can be found in many other shades, such as gray, orange, red, yellow, green, magenta, blue, pink, brown, olive and black.

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