Paradise beaches near Salvador da Bahia – Tourist Guide

The beaches on the outskirts of Salvador are much more than coconut trees, shade and warm waters, the shore of Salvador bathe in history, fun and leisure.

Best around Salvador

Best around Salvador BA

We made a selection of paradise beaches with easy access near Salvador da Bahia.

Vilas do Atlântico Beach

Located in the metropolitan region of Salvador, the beautiful Vilas do Atlântico beach is an excellent leisure option for those who want to escape the most popular tourist destinations in Salvador.

Vilas do Atlântico beach in Lauro Freitas
Vilas do Atlântico beach in Lauro Freitas

The beach is in the municipality of Lauro de freitas, in the great Salvador. It has the same name as the condominium that faces the beach.

The Villas do Atlântico condominium is well known in Salvador.

The beach is less frequented during the week, but it gets very busy on weekends. It has a great infrastructure with many kiosks.

The beach goers are of high social level as many live in the condominium of excellent houses. 

The sand is fine and has many stones, although there are no natural pools. Surfing is practiced in the good waves of Villas do Atlântico. Even a stretch of beach is locally known as surfers beach.

Map of beaches near Salvador da Bahia
Map of beaches near Salvador da Bahia

Forte beach

Forte beach is a must-see destination for tourists in Bahia, which is an old fishing village, with beautiful beaches, natural pools, coconut trees, lagoons, waterfalls, trails and ecological reserves.

Praia do Forte in Mata de São João BA
Praia do Forte in Mata de São João BA

the charming Praia do Forte Village full of beautiful shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, it is the main point for visitors arriving from different parts of the world to discover the place.

Village of Praia do Forte in Mata de São João BA
Village of Praia do Forte in Mata de São João BA

Located in Cocoa Coast, north coast of Bahia, 56 km from Salvador International Airport, 75 km from the Bus Station and 80 km from the Historic Center of Salvador, Forte beach has an excellent infrastructure that allows it to accommodate its distinguished visitors. .

A Forte beach is a beach located in the homonymous district, in the municipality of Mata de São João.

Its hotel structure is excellent, with more than a thousand beds, ranging from resorts to high-class hotels and inns, in addition to hostels, campsites, flats, houses and apartments for rent.

It has the best quality cuisine, designer stores, remarkable history, strong culture, ecological tours and lots of extreme sports.

Guarajuba Beach

The place was blessed by nature with beautiful strips of sand flanked by coconut trees.

Guarajuba beach in Camaçari, Bahia
Guarajuba beach in Camaçari, Bahia

The village has tree-lined streets, bike paths, shopping mall. Bars and restaurants.

Guarajuba is a district of the city of Camaçari and is located just 42 kilometers from Salvador, easily accessed by Estrada do Coco (BA-099), a modern four-lane road that connects the Bahian capital to Camaçari.

This route can be traveled by private car or by renting a car, taxi and bus.

Itacimirim Beach

Easily accessible, it is as popular as its neighbor Guarajuba.

Itacimirim beach in Camaçari
Itacimirim beach in Camaçari
The presence of condominiums attracts visitors who like to combine comfort with leisure. The number of inns has increased in recent years.

A Itacimirim beach with 1 km has natural pools and stretches with big waves. that attract surfers.

Praia de Itacimirim is 5 km from the trendy Praia do Forte, there is a quiet corner ready to welcome the whole family on the north coast of Bahia.

Praia de Itacimirim owns a calm sea that comes to life even more when it meets the Pojuca River, forming a beautiful setting. 

Jauá Beach

It is one of the most sought after beaches by young people during the summer, especially at dusk.

Jauá Beach in Camaçari
Jauá Beach in Camaçari
The diversity of bars and restaurants on its shore make Jauá a good option for those who want to go to the beach without giving up the convenience of having everything close by.

It has a wide strip of sand, the sea is calm with transparent waters, with some reefs along its length.

It is a good option for families with children, who can play in the sand and have a delicious swim in the sea.

Barra do Jacuípe

Barra do Jacuípe BA
Barra do Jacuípe BA
Barra do Jacuípe it is not popular like the ones in Jauá or Guarajuba, nor does it have as many stories as Arembepe, but it has practically untouched nature.

Surrounded by dunes and coconut trees, the mouth of the Jacuípe River is a setting of rare beauty and tranquility to enjoy the summer. The rough sea attracts surfers and water sports practitioners, who annually organize championships. but it is dangerous for swimmers.

The river is used for canoeing and fishing. Jacuípe has tourist infrastructure, trade and craft fair.

Arembepe Beach

Arembepe Beach in Bahia
Arembepe Beach in Bahia
The village still retains the hippie atmosphere that settled there in the 1960s and 70s.

In Aldeia Caratingui, where artisans and artists are concentrated, there is a rich trade.

Famous names in Brazilian and international music, attracted by the beauty of the place, passed by, such as the Novos Baianos (Baby Consuelo, Pepeu Gomes, Moraes Moreira, Paulinho Boca de Cantor) Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Janis Joplin, Mick Jagger.

There are 7 km of beaches; the one of Arembepe and Piruí have, at low tide, natural pools; Praia das Ondas, as the name suggests, attracts surfers, while Praia do Porto is preferred by those who associate the beach with cold beer and snacks.

In Arembepe there is a base for the Tamar Project.

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