Pipa village or Pipa beach is among the main attractions of RN

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Vilarejo de Pipa em Tibau do Sul
Vilarejo de Pipa in Tibau do Sul

A complete guide to make the most of the Praia de Pipa or Pipa Village belongs to the municipality of Tibau do Sul, in Rio Grande do Norte (RN).

The village of Pipa is among the main attractions of the state of RN and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Those who stay in the village of Pipa have access to more than 10 beaches with different scenarios and beauties.

The Praia de Pipa, in Rio Grande do Norte, is a constant presence in the lists of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

And it has plenty of reasons to continue to be cited. Surviving on tourism for almost three decades, the district of Tibau do Sul, 87 kilometres south of Natal, has been able to evolve and reinvent itself every summer.

mapa de Tibau do Sul RN
map of Tibau do Sul

In addition, even with the growth of infrastructure – today there are hundreds of inns and restaurants – it has maintained its native essence.

With the recently completed resurfacing of RN-003, access to Pipa has become much better and the expectation of hoteliers is high for this season.

With a variety of accommodation and restaurant options, the resort caters to an audience ranging from backpackers to those who do not mind daily rates of more than R$ 1,000.

Videos of Pipa and Tibau do Sul

The culinary possibilities are also very varied, from tapiocas to haute cuisine dishes, including regional delicacies such as crab and sururu.

If you are travelling to Pipa for the first or umpteenth time, you will always find something nice to do.

The feeling is that, just like the tide that fills and empties, changing the landscape, the region of Praia de Pipa always changes.

This is a very fresh guide – I was in Pipa in the first week of December – with the essentials on what to do, where to stay and what to eat in the region.

mapa praias de Pipa
Pipa beaches map

Pipa’s main beach is a favourite with tourists and locals alike.

The beach is the busiest of the destination and has countless tents and restaurants scattered throughout the strip of sand. Pipa Beach also serves as a starting point for boats that promote tours along the coast.

praia de Pipa RN
Pipa beach RN

During low tide, the strip of sand is lined with natural pools.

Pipa Beaches

Tours to the north of Pipa

The name Praia de Pipa may make you think that it is a single strip of sand.

On the contrary, Pipa is the gateway to a series of idyllic beaches spread over a short stretch of the south coast of Rio Grande do Sul.

In a few days it is easy to visit several of them, but it will be difficult to choose the most beautiful.

Praia do Centro em Pipa
Praia do Centro em Pipa

Because it has the largest infrastructure of restaurants and tents, Praia do Centro (Main Beach) or Praia do Porto is the busiest.

It is the point of arrival of the excursion buses that make daily round trips from Natal and João Pessoa, in Paraíba.

It is the place where the tidal variation is clearest, with the high tide forcing the stallholders to remove plastic tables and chairs from the edge.

mapa do litoral sul do RN
mapa do litoral sul do RN

The Praia do Centro has a small wooden beachfront and offers some options of restaurants, bars and beach clubs, which serve tourists who come to the attraction. As it is the closest beach to the centre, it is common that the movement is always constant.

Protected by a huge wall covered by Atlantic Forest, the Praia do Amor has easy access from the centre of Pipa.

The beach is very busy with surfers during high tide, due to the strong waves that form on this part of the coast.

During low tide, natural pools emerge among the rocks scattered along the strip of sand, creating relaxing baths in calm and warm waters.

The Praia do Amor has two viewpoints where you can contemplate a panoramic view of the place. On one side, the stairs that lead tourists down to the sand allow for great photos between the cliffs.

On the other, the incredible Chapadão, is accessed by a light trail to the natural viewpoint, which offers an incredible view of Praia das Minas and Praia do Amor.

Walking for about 30 minutes north (to the left of those looking at the sea), you reach Praia do Curral.

Better known as Baia dos Golfinhos, it doesn’t even seem to be that close to the buzz of Pipa.

Honouring their nickname, the animals can be spotted there in flocks.

Despite having a few simple stalls offering drinks, parasols and sunbeds in the right corner, the atmosphere is quite wild.

This is because access is only possible at low tide – always ask your hotel or a local what time you can walk there to return safely.

Many boatmen offer speedboat rides leaving from the harbour amidst the rocks to spot dolphins and continue to Praia do Madeiro.

Praia do Madeiro em Pipa
Praia do Madeiro em Pipa

The beach is just 3 km from the centre of Pipa and has an extensive strip of sand framed by coconut trees and cliffs. With a rustic entrance, the Praia do Madeiro is accessed by a steep staircase with 160 steps installed between the cliffs.

A great place for those who like to surf and practice water sports, the Praia do Madeiro offers several options of restaurants and rustic bars on the sand;

To get to Praia do Madeiro from the centre of Pipa, you can take public transport, taxi or walk to the end of Praia do Curral.

Another jewel of Pipa’s surroundings, it has developed much more than the Baia dos Golfinhos in recent years.

Praia do Curral ou Baía dos Golfinhos em Pipa
Praia do Curral ou Baía dos Golfinhos in Pipa

JThere are a handful of stalls with food and drinks.

In addition, the Ponta do Madeiro Hotel and the Madeiro Beach Hotel offer day use and beach huts.

The beach offers great conditions for longboard surfing and stalls rent out boards by the hour.

Further north, the Dunas de Cacimbinhas are easily accessible from RN-003.

Hire a sandboard to ride down the sand hills.

Praia de Cacimbinha em Pipa
Praia de Cacimbinha em Pipa

Down below, the Praia das Cacimbinhas is practically deserted, with the exception of some surfers and kitesurfers.

Located between the village of Pipa and the municipality of Tibau do Sul, Cacimbinhas Beach has the strongest waves in the region, and its access is made at the top of its cliffs that vary in shades of brown and red.

The Cacimbinhas Beach presents a paradisiacal and deserted scenario, and receives many groups of kite surfers who take advantage of the great winds of the coast of Tibau do Sul.

Finally, a stop at Praia do Giz, already in Tibau do Sul.

There, in the Guaraíras Lagoon, the sea meets the fresh water in a beautiful spectacle.

Take at least 1h30 to walk along the easy trails of the Pipa Ecological Sanctuary in the middle of the native forest.

The entrance fee pays for the maintenance of this beautiful nature reserve, essential for the preservation of the region.

The park has well-signposted access via the RN-003 and is divided into three main sectors, divided into 16 trails open to the public.

Classic Pipa postcards were clicked from the sanctuary’s viewpoints.

Tours to the south of Pipa

There are many attractions to the south as well.

Most of them you can consider doing on foot, always at low tide or half tide (again, always ask a local so you don’t risk getting stuck between the rocks and the rough sea).

Praia do Amor em Pipa
Praia do Amor in Pipa

The walk from Praia do Porto to Praia do Amor is beautiful and super simple – no more than 20 minutes.

On the way, the Tavarua Restaurant has a beautiful shade under a casuarina, is sheltered from the wind and has natural pools at low tide.

With great beach infrastructure, full of good tents with umbrellas, the Praia do Amor has rougher seas and is the favourite of less experienced surfers.

Surprisingly, the Beron hut has the Beach Library, free and open to all.

On the cliff, the Hotel Sombra e Água Fresca Spa is one of those with a privileged view and great services.

Heading south, you will see a large barrel-shaped rock that gave the region its name (Pipa) – nothing to do with the flying toy.

Praia das Minas em Pipa
Praia das Minas in Pipa

Cross the narrow sandy path amidst the rocks and reach Praia das Minas.

The beach is suitable for those seeking peace and privacy. The place has no bar or restaurant structure, and is the least crowded beach in Pipa.

The Praia das Minas has a short strip of sand, strong waves, and its access is made by the natural viewpoint of Chapadão and is one of the main spawning areas of sea turtles in Brazil, and its area is protected by the Projeto Tamar.

Praia de Sibaúma em Pipa
Praia de Sibaúma in Pipa

The walk at low tide is beautiful and can take you even further south, in the direction of Sibaúma Beach.

Protected by an immense stone wall that forms several natural pools during low tide, the Praia de Sibaúma has a quiet climate and little movement of tourists.

The coastline is demarcated by cliffs that make it possible to see sea turtles at high tide, and the meeting of the Catu River with the sea.

To get to Sibaúma Beach you need to take a bus from the centre of Pipa to the village of Sibaúma.

For those who like to walk, it is possible to reach the place through Praia das Minas, in a 10 km route.

Barra do Cunhaú em Pipa
Barra do Cunhaú in Pipa

However, I recommend embarking on a day tour to this region and to Barra do Cunhaú.

The Barra do Cunhaú is just after the village of Sibaúma, after the Catú River.

Barra do Cunhaú Beach has calm and extremely clear waters, which meet a strip of fine, white and deserted sand.

The beach lies between the Catú and Curimataú rivers, where there is the possibility of taking a boat trip and discovering other beauties of the friendly village.

Further south, the still little explored village of Baía Formosa should receive a Six Senses hotel in the coming years.

Baía Formosa em Pipa
Baía Formosa in Pipa

It is not for nothing that the Bía Formosa received this name, the magnificent cove in shades of blue is approximately 26 km long with beautiful cliffs and imposing dunes.

The beach offers a basic structure to tourists, with few options of inns, restaurants and kiosks on the waterfront.

Praia do Sagi RN
Praia do Sagi RN

The Praia do Sagi marks the border of the states of Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba, and to this day preserves the tranquil atmosphere of a traditional fishing village.

Framed by dunes, rivers and coconut trees, the beach is full of exuberant landscapes that can be explored on a fun buggy ride.

Although the beach is little known, Sagi offers some simple inns and rustic restaurants with seafood dishes.

Where to stay in Pipa

Pipa’s infrastructure has been improving for some time and there are more and more good accommodation options.

The most popular resort in Rio Grande do Norte has hostels, inns and hotels for all budgets.

This is one of the aspects that keep Pipa as a plural, democratic and not elitist destination.

After all, many visitors choose to stay in Natal and spend one or more days in Pipa.

And the village has coped very well with this mass tourism, as indicated by the multitude of beaches and activities around.

Among the main accommodation alternatives, none offers the sea view that the Hotel Boutique Marlin’s has.

Perched on the cliff above Praia do Porto (or Pipa Beach), it gives guests the feeling of having the green of the sea as a living and exclusive painting.

Most of the 17 flats have a balcony with this view; some have a “panoramic” bathtub.

Among the pampering, L’Occitane amenities. Next to the infinity pool almost by the sea, there is a sauna and bar service.

In addition to breakfast, the daily rate includes a hearty afternoon tea served in one of the hotel’s cosy lounges.

With another profile, almost isolated from the beach universe of Pipa, the Pousada Toca da Coruja  proposes an experience next to an exuberant nature, but at the same time close to the centre of Pipa.

The bungalows are divided into two categories, special and luxury, and have a profile well dedicated to couples.

The pousada belongs to the Roteiros de Charme and offers guests an exclusive beach hut on Praia das Minas, with transport included.

In a more economical line, the Hotel Pipa’s Bay is a very honest three-star with an excellent location, a few steps from the sea.

The good breakfast overlooks Praia do Porto. The rooftop pool has a dedicated bar and is great for late afternoons at high tide.

Backpackers and travellers who just need good accommodation will find Lagarto na Banana a great hostel with shared rooms.

Another option is the Carioca Hostel, right in the centre of Pipa.

Tourist Guide of the village of Pipa and Pipa beach in RN.

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