Surfing in Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha SurfFernando de Noronha is one of the best areas in the country for surfing, so much so that the island is known as the “Brazilian Hawaii”.

In November, the season of big waves begins, which runs until the month of March.

The large swells from the North Atlantic that reach the northwestern part of the island of Fernando de Noronha can cause waves of up to 4 meters in height.

The surf season in Fernando de Noronha runs from December to March, and some beaches on the island show why Fernando de Noronha is the Brazilian Hawaii.

Tubular waves that reach an incredible 5 meters on days of strong swell and challenge even the renowned surfers who will always surf Fernando de Noronha at this time.

For those who want to catch waves in Noronha, it's no use going in the middle of the year because the sea is really, really flat.

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The main surf spots in Fernando de Noronha

Cacimba do Padre beach

Located far from the center of the island, Cacimba is the best peak in Noronha.

It breaks every day and the tubes (left to right) are huge. The wave breaks very close to the sand, making it always tubular.

The wind, onshore 24 hours a day, helps in the formation of waves that in summer reach 4 meters in height.

Boldro beach

It is a peak with a coral bottom and very tubular. Although it has smaller waves than Cacimba, Boldró is a great option at low tide. Due to its coral bottom, the wave is very clean and defined, breaking with a strong swell on a stone slab on the outside, allowing for perfect and dangerous tubular rights. Still in Boldró, there is a bench to the left of the beach known as Pipeline.

It is a rare wave that requires special conditions, but when it breaks it is one of the best on the island of Fernando de Noronha and certainly the most dangerous due to the minimum depth at the peak.

Conceição Beach

With a sandy bottom, one of the most beautiful and frequented beaches, it has good quality waves.

Dog Beach

It has one of the most perfect and maneuverable waves on the island, with a bottom made up of sand and rock.

Biboca Beach

Reasonable quality waves, improving in summer. It is to the north of the island, next to the port, with a sandy and rocky bottom.

Praia do Meio

The best waves break with intense swell, not very consistent, with a sandy bottom.

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Discover the beaches of the Fernando de Noronha archipelago

Main surf spots in Fernando de Noronha

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