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Landmarks in Salvador da Bahia

Salvador is a living museum of the history and diversity that our country offers. Symbol of the mixture of beliefs and ethnicities, the culture that was formed in Bahia is rich, full of happy people who only need the sun to be happy. Bahian culture is strong in all […]


Interesting Places in Salvador da Bahia

Salvador is the second most sought after tourist destination in the country by foreigners, second only to Rio de Janeiro, and one of the most visited by Brazilians themselves, what makes Salvador a success in terms of tourism? Beautiful beaches? Yes, but other cities in the country do too. Colonial architectural complex […]


Main sights of Salvador da Bahia

Salvador da Bahia's sights, architectural heritage and natural attractions have been built on a wealth valued by the revitalization of the city's natural, historical and cultural sites and original monuments. Salvador is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Brazil. It brings together countless attractions and sights for all tastes: beaches and natural beauty, […]

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