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Cocoa Coast

Report about Itacaré in Bahia

Itacaré has a charming landscape, formed by a sequence of beaches, whose nature is still practically untouched by man, with hills covered by forests and many coconut trees. It is the first beach of the “Costa do Cacau”, on the coast of Bahia, south of Salvador. Situated between the sea […]

Cocoa Coast

Cacao – History and Evolution

When the first Spanish colonisers arrived in America, cocoa was already cultivated by the Indians, mainly the Aztecs in Mexico and the Mayans in Central America. According to historians, the cacao tree, called cacahualt, was considered sacred. In Mexico, the Aztecs believed it to be of divine origin and that […]

Maps of Bahia and Salvador

Main Tourist Regions in Bahia

Bahia is divided into 13 tourist regions: Baía de Todos os Santos, Caminhos do Jiquiriçá, Caminhos do Sudoeste, Caminhos do Sertão, Caminhos do Oeste, Costa dos Coqueiros, Costa do Cacau, Costa do Descobrimento, Costa das Baleias, Chapada Diamantina, Lagos do São Francisco and Caminhos do Oeste and Salvador. Bahia’s Main […]