Taipu de Fora beach is considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil

Taipu de Fora in Bahia
Taipu of Fora

Taipu de Fora beach is located in the Maraú Peninsula stay in Dendê Coast, south of Bahia, between Morro de São Paulo and Itacaré.

Taipu de Fora beach is considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil because it has a natural pool of one kilometer in length with fish of all colors.

In summer, dives with lanterns are made to observe the marine fauna at night. In winter, however, the rains are more frequent, but the trips take place normally and the periods of new moon and full moon, when the tide is low, are ideal for diving.

The scenery of Taipu de Fora beach evokes paradise – clear blue sea, golden sand and a row of coconut trees as far as the eye can see – and can be enjoyed from the lounge chairs at the bars.

The best thing about Taipus de Fora, however, is the immense natural pool formed at low tide, one kilometer from the coast. All you need is a mask and a snorkel to be enchanted by colorful fish and coral formations.

The beach is 7 km from the village and access is by gardener (the point is close to the Barra Grande dock) or on foot, in a two-hour walk along the coast.

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Natural pools and almost deserted beaches make the Peninsula of Maraú (BA) an unmissable retreat.

Maraú Peninsula map
Maraú Peninsula map

Just by referring to the two neighboring natural paradises, it is possible to imagine the richness of the region's landscapes and ecosystems.

There are more than 40 km of practically deserted beaches all year round.

Even in summer, when the inns are crowded, the beaches seem empty as tourists disperse along the vast coastline covered with coconut groves.

See the map of the Dende Coast

At low tide, dozens of natural pools are formed, full of fish, which appear between labyrinths of reefs.

In fact, it is important to consult the tide table daily because the landscapes are capable of being completely transformed with changes in the moon and tides.

Barra Grande

Barra Grande it is the largest village on the Maraú Peninsula and still preserves the simplicity of the region, despite housing the main inns, bars and restaurants in the region.

On almost all the beaches there are inns with 4×4 vehicles, speedboats, catamarans and good service, which organize tours throughout the region.

One of the best known is made by boat through the islands of the peninsula.

Sapinho Island

When you arrive on the island of Sapinho for lunch, the best choice is the guaiamum, a freshly picked blue crab.

Ilha dos Sapinhos in the Peninsula of Maraú - BA

Another famous tour is to the beautiful waterfall of Tremembé, the only one in Brazil that flows into the sea.

The boat comes so close to the drop that it is possible to touch it before disembarking.

The peninsula belongs to the APA (Environmental Protection Area) Maraú, a sustainable use conservation unit of the Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve in southern Bahia, which has a series of nature preservation laws.

The city that gives the region its name is located in the south of the Maraú Peninsula, far from the beaches. It was founded in 1705 by Italian friars who settled in the indigenous village of Mayra-hú and preserves the church, colonial houses and the ruins of a 19th century kerosene plant.

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