Tatajuba is a perfect place for kitesurfing

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Tatajuba in Ceará

Tatajuba is a Ceará beach located in the municipality of Camocim, 390 km from Fortaleza and is one of the most charming beaches on the west coast of Ceará.

In the 1980s, the community of Tatajuba was buried by the dunes, but it did not keep away the fishing families who rebuilt a new village, known as Nova Tatajuba.

In search of safer places, the community rebuilt the village into four villages: Nova Tatajuba, Vila São Francisco, Baixa da Tatajuba and Vila Nova.

Twice a day, Nova Tatajuba is marooned when an arm of the sea is taken by the waters of the high tide.

Providing the practice of kitesurfing in flat and shallow water, with perfect conditions for freestyle, freeride and beginners.

The population has lived integrated with nature through their ways of life since the 19th century.

Due to its geographical location and difficult access, possible only by 4×4 cars, Tatajuba remains almost untouched, in an ecosystem formed by many fixed and mobile dunes, mangroves, lagoons, cliffs, permanent lagoons and interdunar lagoons, connecting to the sea at some times of the year.

The traditional community has lived integrated into this environment through its ways of life since the 19th century and today welcomes tourists and visitors through community tourism.

Map of Jericoacoara and Tatajuba to Aranau
Map of Jericoacoara and Tatajuba to Aranau
Lagoa da Torta em Tatajuba
Lagoa da Torta em Tatajuba

On this beach of blue-green sea, with lush coconut groves and dunes sculpted by the action of the wind, the main places of visitation are the Funil dune and the Torta lagoon.

The Funil dune is a wall of sand where sandboarders and buggy riders have fun in this natural wall, recomposing their energies in the lagoon of the Pie in nylon hammocks set up on the shore of the lagoon, gently touching the water in a relaxing feeling of freshness.

Videos about Tatajuba in Ceará

Fishermen’s Village offering perfect Kitesurf Spot

A picturesque village with lots of charm and lush nature.

The Kite Spot is during high tide, when it forms a huge bay in front of the restaurants and chalets, ideal for those who are learning as it is shallow and safe and fantastic for those who want to venture into freestyle manoeuvres, with perfect wind conditions.


1 – Tatajuba Beach

In front of Barraca Zona do Vento at high tide is a huge lagoon ideal for kitesurfing.

It’s worth checking the seas board to programme your sailing during high tide between 11am and 5.30pm.

2 – Lago Grande

Great option for those who want to sail in fresh water and with an incredible panorama of dunes around. Gusty winds are forecast.

Kitesurfing in Tatajuba in Ceará
Kitesurfing in Tatajuba in Ceará

3 – Lone Coconut Downwind

When the tide is dry the sail is on the beach, necessary to walk about 300m with kite or ride on the beach.

A great option is a small downwind to the Lonely Coconut Tree.

How to get to Tatajuba

There are three ways to get to Tatajuba.

Aerial view of the dunes of Tatajuba
Aerial view of the dunes of Tatajuba

The first is to go from Fortaleza to Sobral by BR 222 or the Sol Poente road and from there to Granja by CE-362. From there just take a tarmac road to the district of Parazinho.

From this point onwards, it is only possible to continue using a tractor or buggy, as the road to Tatajuba is very sandy.

The second option is to follow the same route to Jericoacara.

After the town of Gijoca, at the fork that goes to Jeri, you take the other road and follow the carriage road to the Settlement of Guriu and go along the beach, if possible with a 4X4 car.

The third option is to go to Camocim, cross the river Coreaú by ferry and go by buggy along the beach to Tatajuba.

Tip! If you are going with a small car, the second option is more interesting. If you go by bus, the third is the best. If you go with a 4×4 car, the first two are relevant.

Where to stay in Tatajuba

The Community Association of Tatajuba Residents (Acomota) is part of the Ceará Community Tourism Network (Tucum) and organises local accommodation for visitors in native houses and inns.

The contact is through the president of the association: Maria do Livramento (88) 8801.2559.

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