Tatajuba is a perfect place for kitesurfing

Tatajuba is a Ceará beach located in the municipality of Camocim, 390 kilometres from Fortaleza, and is one of the most charming beaches on the west coast of Ceará.

In the 1980s, the community of Tatajuba was buried by the dunes, but that didn’t stop the fishing families who rebuilt a new village, known as Nova Tatajuba or Vila Kite.

Nova Tatajuba ou Vila Kite em Tatajuba CE
Nova Tatajuba ou Vila Kite em Tatajuba CE

n search of safer places, the community rebuilt the village into four villages: Nova Tatajuba, Vila São Francisco, Baixa da Tatajuba and Vila Nova.

Twice a day, Nova Tatajuba is marooned when an arm of the sea is taken by the waters of high tide.

This makes kitesurfing possible in flat, shallow water, with perfect conditions for freestyle, freeride and beginners.

The population has lived integrated with nature through their way of life since the 19th century.

Due to its geographical location and difficult access, possible only by 4×4 vehicles, Tatajuba remains almost untouched, in an ecosystem made up of many fixed and mobile dunes, mangroves, lagoons, cliffs, permanent lagoons and interdune lagoons, connecting to the sea at certain times of the year.

The traditional community has lived integrated into this environment through their way of life since the 19th century and today welcomes tourists and visitors through community tourism.

Mapa de Jericoacoara e de Tatajuba a Aranau
Mapa de Jericoacoara e de Tatajuba a Aranau
Lagoa da Torta em Tatajuba
Lagoa da Torta em Tatajuba
Duna do Funil em Tatajuba
Duna do Funil em Tatajuba

On this blue-green beach, with lush coconut groves and dunes sculpted by the wind, the main places to visit are the Funil dune and the Torta lagoon.

The Funil dune is a wall of sand where sandboarders and buggy riders can enjoy themselves on this natural wall, while recharging their batteries at the Torta lagoon in nylon hammocks set up on the shore of the lagoon, gently touching the water in a relaxing sensation of freshness.

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Tatajuba in Camocim CE

1. Kitesurfing in front of Vila Kite

A picturesque village with lots of charm and exuberant nature.

The ideal place for kitesurfing is at Tatajuba beach during high tide, when a huge beach forms in front of the restaurants and chalets, ideal for those who are learning as it is shallow and safe and fantastic for those who want to venture into freestyle manoeuvres, with perfect wind conditions.

In Tatajuba, you’ll find several ideal spots for kitesurfing.

2. Main kitesurfing spots in Tatajuba

  1. Tatajuba Lagoon
    • Description: A lagoon with shallow, flat waters, perfect for beginners and those wishing to practice manoeuvres.
    • Features: Constant wind, ample space and calm waters.
  2. Tatajuba Beach
    • Description: The main beach of Tatajuba offers ideal conditions for kitesurfing in the sea.
    • Features: Moderate waves and strong winds, ideal for intermediate and advanced kitesurfers.
  3. Lagoa da Torta
    • Description: Another lagoon in the vicinity of Tatajuba, known for its flat waters.
    • Features: Excellent for kitesurfing in shallow water without waves, ideal for freestyle.
  4. Tatajuba dunes
    • Description: The dunes around Tatajuba provide stunning scenery and open areas for kites to take off and land.
    • Features: Ample space and consistent winds.
  5. Guriú Beach (near Tatajuba)
    • Description: Located between Tatajuba and Jericoacoara, Guriú Beach is known for its excellent conditions for kitesurfing.
    • Features: Flat water on the Guriú river, ideal for beginners and technical manoeuvres.

In addition to these locations, Tatajuba and its surroundings offer a unique kitesurfing experience, with impressive natural landscapes and a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kitesurfer, Tatajuba offers diverse options for all skill levels.

3. How to get there

To get to Tatajuba Beach, you usually have to travel from Jericoacoara or Camocim. The journey from Jericoacoara is about 30 kilometres, some of it along sandy trails, and 4×4 vehicles are ideal.

There are three ways to get to Tatajuba:
  • The first is to go from Fortaleza to Sobral on the BR-222 or the Sol Poente road and from there to Granja on the CE-362.

From there just take the tarmac road to the Parazinho district.

From this point onwards, it is only possible to continue using a tractor or buggy, as the road to Tatajuba is very sandy.

  • The second option is to follow the same route to Jericoacara.

After the town of Gijoca, at the fork that leads to Jeri, you take the other road and follow the cart track to the settlement of Guriu and go along the beach, if possible with a 4WD car.

  • The third option is to go to Camocim, cross the Coreaú river by ferry and take a buggy along the beach to Tatajuba.

If you’re travelling by small car, the second option is more interesting. If you’re travelling by bus, the third option is the best. If you’re travelling by 4×4 car, the first two are relevant.

4. Best time to go kitesurfing

Tatajuba - Melhor época de vento
Tatajuba – Melhor época de vento

The best time to visit Tatajuba is during the dry season, from July to December, when the weather is more stable and conditions for water sports are ideal.

4. Where to stay 

The Community Association of Tatajuba Residents (Acomota) is part of the Ceará Community Tourism Network (Tucum) and organises local accommodation for visitors in local houses and inns.

Most visitors choose to stay in Jericoacoara, where there are a variety of inns, hotels and hostels. Tatajuba has some more rustic and charming options for those seeking a more tranquil and immersive experience.

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