The beauty of Santo Aleixo Island in the municipality of Sirinhaém

map of Santo Aleixo PE
map of Santo Aleixo PE

The island of Santo Aleixo in the municipality of Sirinhaém is located exactly between the famous and trendy beaches of Port of Chickens, in Ipojuca, and of the sheepOn Tamandaré.

A still little known small strip of land of volcanic origin of just 36 hectares, surrounded by beauty on all sides.

Despite being very small, the island offers three beaches with different characteristics.

The middle beach, located where the boats land, has warm and calm waters.

On the beach on the left, located closer to the rocks and to the ocean side, the sea is a little more agitated and colder.

The beach on the right side, known as Praia da Ferradura because of its peculiar shape, is the most peaceful and beautiful with a few corals, where natural pools form at low tide.

Santo Aleixo Island in Sirinhaém

On the three beaches it is possible to do some activities with kayaking and snorkeling.

Santo Aleixo Island is a private property and belongs to the municipality of Sirinhaém, located between Porto de Galinhas and Praias dos Carneiros. You can go on your own, as we did, or take a round trip tour from one of these cities.

Therefore, there are no hotels, inns or restaurants on site and the construction of fixed kiosks is not allowed. The only bar is floating and anchored on the island, with food and drinks being prepared in the water and served on the sand.

How to get to the island of Santo Aleixo in Pernambuco
How to get to the island of Santo Aleixo in Pernambuco

The transfer leaves from Barra de Sirinhaém to Santo Aleixo Island.

Only one company does the tour and it starts from 9 am to 10:30 am by Mosteiros Tur, so you need to get there early to be sure.

The price of the boat Barra de Sirinhaém – Ilha de Santo Aleixo is charged per person.

To get to the island, located just two kilometers from Barra de Sirinhaém, you just need to take a speedboat there and get you there quickly in less than ten minutes.

Santo Aleixo island - aerial view
Santo Aleixo Island – aerial view

The entire tour lasts about 5 hours and includes transfer, as well as kayak, stand up paddle, chairs and umbrellas on the beach.

However, diving masks are not provided, they rent. So take yours!

As the island is small, you can get to know it quickly, making a trail through the rocks. I recommend taking sneakers or those non-slip shoes.

On the way, you pass by Ferradura beach, perfect for seeing the little fish with snorkel. You can stay there as long as you like and if the tide rises, you can return to the restaurant area with the company's boat.

As there is only one place on the island for lunch, order soon. Prices are normal to the region.

The return to Ilha de Santo Aleixo – Barra de Sirinhaém starts at 14 pm, it is fast and done in boats, in order of arrival. Then you can return to Carneiros Beach or go back to Recife (around 65 km away or 1h40min)

Enjoy taking a step into Maragogi in Alagoas, which is close by!

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