The Passion of Christ reenactment takes place in Nova Jerusalem PE

Passion of Christ takes place in Nova Jerusalem PE
Passion of Christ

The staging of the Passion of Christ in Nova Jerusalem PE began with the Mendonça family in the 1950s to spread the word of Jesus and move local commerce.

The city-theater is a replica of Jerusalem, designed by Plínio Pacheco in 1956 and made concrete in 1968.

The staging of the Passion of Christ in New Jerusalem is the most famous biblical theater show in Brazil.

The play relives the last days of Jesus, his death and resurrection in a unique staging in the world, held in a city-theater with nine stages and with the participation of 50 actors and about 400 extras.

With 100,000m², the space has a stone wall nine meters high and 70 towers protecting nine stage-platforms.

The staging of the Passion of Christ takes place in New Jerusalem PE and on the way there are several tourist stops.

The itinerary for those who leave Recife and go to Nova Jerusalem, where the largest staging of the Passion of Christ in Brazil takes place, is full of worthwhile stops.

The highway Luiz Gonzaga, as BR-232 is known, is the main access for those leaving Recife towards the interior of Pernambuco.

In an hour and a half, the tourist arrives at Caruaru, in the agreste of the State. The first stop is the famous Feira do Nordeste, which became a song sung by Luiz Gonzaga.

The crafts is one of the main attractions of the fair, which has free admission.

Paixão de Cristo takes place in Nova Jerusalem PE
Paixão de Cristo in Nova Jerusalem PE

The next stop is Alto do Mouro, where the clay dolls are made.

There is also the Casa Museu Mestre Vitalino, where the king of clay dolls lived.

Brejo da Madre de Deus has a very particular handicraft. The raw material is rock.

Artists use their creativity to make giant sculptures. Some of the most beautiful are in the Parque das Esculturas, with free admission. There are 39 figures carved into the stone, measuring from three to seven meters high.

One kilometer away, the largest monument in the region was also built in stone: the city-theatre of New Jerusalem. Behind the walls is the world’s largest open-air theater, measuring 70,000 square meters.

The Passion of Christ staging takes place in New Jerusalem PE
The Passion of Christ staging

The buildings reproduce the Jerusalem of the time when Jesus died. There is the temple, Herod’s Palace, Pilate’s Forum and natural scenery.

Tourists can visit the theater city all year round. It is also possible to stay inside.

When night falls, it is time to watch the staging of the Passion of Christ. The audience walks through the nine sets in a two-hour show that has been running for more than 40 years.

More than 500 actors and extras take part in the play. This year’s main roles include Igor Rickili, playing Jesus, Paloma Bernardes, as Mary, and Humberto Martins as Herod.

They will act with the already consecrated actor from Pernambuco José Barbosa, who plays Judas. The artistic direction is by Carlos Reis and Lúcio Lombardi.

The Passion of Christ in New Jerusalem takes place in March or April. Tickets can be purchased through the official website of the event.

Its scenarios seek to represent a partial reconstruction of the city of Jerusalem in the times when Jesus lived.

In 1972, the place was the stage of the Experimental Music Fair of New Jerusalem, a music festival that was considered the Brazilian Woodstock.

Considered the largest open-air theater in the world, it has artificial lakes, nine stages, a 3,500 m wall and 70 towers.

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