Barra de Santo Antonio has beaches to suit all tastes

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Barra de Santo Antônio
Barra de Santo Antônio

Barra de Santo Antônio in Alagoas has several options of beaches to please all tastes, from those who seek more tranquility to those who seek more agitation.

As in most of the beaches in Alagoas, one is more beautiful than the other, with crystal clear waters, fine sands, coral reefs and many coconut trees.

Barra de Santo Antonio is located 44 kilometres from Maceió and arose from a settlement founded by the Dutch in the 17th century.

Barra de Santo Antonio is crossed by the river Santo Antonio, on whose right bank are the administrative and service centres, while the tourist attractions are concentrated on the left bank – here are the beautiful historic buildings, such as the church of Nossa Senhora da Conceiҫão, and natural wonders such as the island of Croa, Alegre, Barra de Santa Antonio is famous for its lively Carnival and other festivals – those of June, the arrival of summer in September, and that of the patron saint, São Sebastião, held in January.

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Beaches in Barra de Santo Antonio

The town is home to Carro Quebrado beach, surrounded by cliffs with multicoloured sands and recognised as one of the most splendid in the whole of the Northeast.

See the map of the North Coast of Alagoas .


Immersed in the oldest part of the city, it is actually a peninsula, dotted with natural pools delimited by a line of reefs.

Barra de Santo Antônio
Barra de Santo Antônio

Those travelling by car can reach it by ferry, a journey that takes no more than five minutes. The same time is spent by tourists who are on foot and take a boat or a sloop.


To get to the best-known beach in the city you have to cross the Santo Antonio River to the island of Croa; from there, it is approximately 6 kilometres by dirt road, without signposting, flanked by coconut trees. A guide is recommended.

Once you reach your destination, you will see an unforgettable landscape: the coloured sands of the cliffs range from deep purple to beige. If the weather is good and the tide is low, it is worth extending the walk to the beaches of Morro and Pedra do Cebola, both deserted, with transparent waters and also with cliffs.


Located on the mouth of the Sapucaí River, Tabuba beach, 4 kilometres from Barra de Santo Antonio, has natural pools of very clear water.

The sands, white and soft, invite you to sunbathe. On clear days, raft trips depart from the beach.

Tourism and Travel Guide of Barra de Santo Antonio in Alagoas

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