Piaçabuçu is near the mouth of the São Francisco river

Piaçabuçu in Alagoas
Piaçabuçu in Alagoas

Piaçabuçu in Alagoas is perched on the left bank of the São Francisco, already very close to the mouth, Piaҫabuҫu has the river as its main attraction.

Going by boat or buggy to the point where the waters of Velho Chico meet the sea is a mandatory program.

Pontal do Peba beach, famous for its shrimp fishing, invites you to a relaxing walk.

Piaҫabuҫu is 138 km from Maceió on the AL-101 and 26 km from Penedo, by paved road and in good condition.

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Landmarks of Piaçabuçu


There are several places where tourists can take a boat to travel the last 13 kilometers of the São Francisco River. Generally close to the bars on the side of the road leading to Piaҫabuҫu.

There is also the option of resorting to boatmen who stop at the pier in the city of Piaçabuçu.

By sloop, the program lasts about two and a half hours (round trip), in the middle of a landscape composed of mangroves and dunes. Near the mouth, the boat stops and the passenger can walk to the meeting of the waters, a place that integrates the Piaҫabuҫu EPA.

The buggy is another viable transport: it is 21 kilometers traveled in almost three hours along Pontal do Peba beach.

Cross farms to a point close to the dunes and from there continue on foot to the mouth.

If courage allows, the tourist can travel 3 to 5 kilometers on a parachute pulled by the buggy.


Pontal do Peba Beach in Piaçabuçu - Alagoas
Pontal do Peba Beach in Piaçabuçu – Alagoas

Extending 23 kilometers, only two of which are urbanized, Pontal do Peba beach is 13 kilometers from the center of Piaҫabuҫu.

With fine, beaten sand and dunes at the bottom, a spawning point for sea turtles and one of the great shrimp fishing centers in the Northeast.

It is also suitable for the throwing weight. One inconvenience: heavy traffic on some stretches, as inns and restaurants share space with fishermen and summer houses.


the source of the San Francisco river it sprouts in the Serra da Canastra, in Minas Gerais, and heads towards the Northeast, where it cuts through the arid lands of four states.

Foz do Rio São Francisco Tour - leaving from Piaçabuçu - AL

Its waters separate Bahia from Pernambuco and Sergipe from Alagoas, in a tortuous path of approximately 3 kilometers until it flows into the sea.

The river bathes nearly 1847 municipalities, and since XNUMX other cities have pleaded for a diversion from the route to solve the lack of water in an interior of rare rains. The transposition project has been filed and resumed intermittently, always under intense controversy.

In Bahian territory, Velho Chico quenches the thirst of the population of Bom Jesus da Lapa, Bar and Juazeiro, cities that fervently revere the saint who baptizes the river; the mysticism that accompanies him along the way is also evident in the famous scowls – monstrous images placed on the bows of boats to chase away evil spirits.

In São Francisco, the first hydroelectric plant in Brazil was built – that of Angiquinho, in 1913. Currently, the river is dammed in Sobradinho, Paulo Afonso and, further on, in Xingo, already in the state of Alagoas.

in Pernambuco Petroline, and he who irrigates fruit plantations.

Its great tourist potential, however, is only well explored in Caninde do São Francisco, in Sergipe, and in the Alagoas cities of Piranhas e Penedo, close to the point where the beautiful meeting of its waters with those of the Atlantic Ocean occurs.

map of the coast of Alagoas
map of the coast of Alagoas

Tourism and Travel Guide of Rio do São Francisco in Alagoas

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