Trekking – Most popular trails in Chapada Diamantina

Trekking in the Pati Valley
Trekking in the Pati Valley

Many of the Brazilians and foreigners who visit the caves, waterfalls, rivers, valleys and mountains of Chapada Diamantina seek the region to practice sports such as trekking, mountain biking, canoeing and rappelling.

The sites that were quilombos attract tourists interested in getting to know typical dishes and popular festivals. Visual artists, esotericists and people seeking “immediate contacts” with extraterrestrials also visit the site. As the deposits were exhausted long ago, you won’t find gold nuggets or diamonds…

The treasure waiting for you is the Chapada itself, and the best way to explore it is through its trails.

View the map of Chapada Diamantina National Park

View the map Chapada Diamantina

Map of the Trails and Tourist Spots of Chapada Diamantina

Guides in Chapada Diamantina

To walk the trails of the Chapada, look for qualified guides, preferably indicated by the lodges themselves or associations of professional guides. Many “curious” people offer themselves for this type of work even without having the necessary knowledge to lead groups along the paths. Avoid them. If in doubt, look for ACVL (in Lençóis) or ACVVC (in Vale do Capão).

Good physical shape is recommended. The groups are formed by a maximum of eight people per guide and the equipment can be rented (some guides have equipment available) or already provided previously by the traveler.

The recommended equipment is a tent, sleeping bag with thermal insulation, flashlight, multi-use Swiss Army knife, nylon cord, canteen of at least 1 liter, and, as you are a GTB reader, a garbage bag to help preserve the area.

Bring a raincoat, insect repellent, suitable footwear, Hawaiian sandals for hours of rest, sunscreen, hat or cap, suitable clothing (tactel pants, light t-shirts). Wear thick socks to avoid blisters on your feet. On the way there are rivers and waterfalls: take a diving mask, towel and shorts or swimsuit. If you like to take pictures, don’t forget a spare battery. Choose a waterproof and comfortable backpack and do not overload it.

The Association of Visitors’ Guides of Lençóis (ACVL) has tables with rates for the services offered by the guides.

Prices vary according to the difficulty levels of the trails, the duration of the tours, the need for transfers and the provision of meals and/or equipment. Accommodation in locals’ houses usually has prices slightly lower than the simplest inns.

Video about the most popular trails in Chapada Diamantina

Trekking – Most popular trails in Chapada Diamantina

1. Vale do Pati

The most viable option is to stay overnight in Caeté-Açu.

The route to the village of Bomba, from where the trekking departs, is done by car.

Overnight stays and meals can be taken in local houses, where the food is usually good and the accommodation simple and clean, or in campsites, in which case the group will have to carry all the equipment and supplies.

The Gerais do Vieira, the Serra do Esbarrancado, the Morro do Castelo and the Cachoeirão are the main attractions of this route. 70 km (to Andaraí). 5 days.

2. Fumaça waterfall from below

Leaving Lençóis on foot, the trail passes through valleys, waterfalls and canyons, among them Vale da Capivara and Vale da Cachoeira da Fumaça.

Overnight stays are in campsites with tents. This trail requires a lot of physical preparation because the route is difficult; much of it is done by the stony riverbed. 36 km. 3 days.

3. Sossego Waterfall and Ribeirão do Meio

The walk is very beautiful, part of it through the forest, where you will find, if you are in the right season, mango trees loaded with tasty ripe fruits; another part of the route is made by the stony and shallow bed (in the drought…) of the Ribeirão river.

There are fun slides at Ribeirão do Meio, a good place to stop. 15 km round trip from Lençóis. 6h.

4. Trekking do Vinte e Um

Much of this trekking is done through the interior of the Vinte e Um canyon, with one night of camping in tents.

2 days from Lençóis to Caeté-Açu, in Vale do Capão.

5. Trekking Pai Inácio/Águas Claras/Morrão/Capão

Easy, with beautiful views. By car to the base of Morro do Pai Inácio. Then 20 km. 1 day.

6. Trekking Lençóis/Capão

This is the old trail used by traders to move between the two cities. The direction Capão/ Lençóis is easier, as it is downhill. 25 km. 7h (one way).

7. Trekking Pai Inácio/Lençóis

It does not require much physical preparation. It passes by waterfalls and has one of the best views of Morro do Pai Inácio. 18 km.

Buracão Waterfall Drive from Lençóis to Poço Encantado, in Itaetê, with a stop at Poço Azul, in Nova Redenção. The overnight stay is in Mucugê.

The next day, the group heads to Cachoeira do Buracão, in Ibicoara; part of the route is done by car, but know that you will have to face 0h50 of trail to the waterfall, located inside a canyon. The waterfall is 80m. 2 days. is the largest tourism and travel guide in Bahia and Salvador.

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