Waterfalls and Trails of the Vale do Capão in Chapada Diamantina

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Vale do Capão ou Caeté-Açu
Vale do Capão ou Caeté-Açu

The small village Vale do Capão or Capão Valley which is also called Vila de Caeté-Açu has about 3 thousand residents, belonging to the municipality of Palmeiras, 460 km from Salvador and 70 km from Lençóis, it has a privileged territory, with several trails that lead to hills, rivers, waterfalls, falls and waterfalls.

The Capão Valley offers leisure options without crowding. The place also maintains the mystical atmosphere, which allows meditation practices and spiritual retreats.

Map of Chapada Diamantina - How to get there
Map of Chapada Diamantina – How to get there

The Chapada Diamantina has its mystical and stunning places. This is the case of Vale do Capão, located in the municipality of Palmeiras, which preserves enchanting landscapes and natural beauty.

The trails are basically composed of waterfalls, among other natural gems. It is where the most beaten path to the Cachoeira da Fumaça, the highest in Brazil, is located, an area taken by Atlantic Forest, mountains of up to 1,500 metres, as well as diverse fauna and flora.

It is not for lack of attractions that the Valley stands out. An ecological paradise in the heart of the Chapada Diamantina. There are trails to the ‘Silêncio dos Gerais’, the current of the Rio Preto, the imposing Morrão and the famous ‘abyss of Fumaça’.

With a tropical climate, Caeté-Açu, the district where the Valley is located, has an average annual temperature ranging between 22 ° and 24 ° C, according to information from the favours all types of tours.

Vale do Capão is visited by people in search of adventure tourism and tranquillity.

It is also the stage for traditional events in the region, such as the Jazz Festival and the festivities during the period of São João, Carnival and New Year’s Eve.

One of the most popular factors among visitors is ecotourism, guaranteed by the beauties that accompany the famous walks.

The visitor has the option of longer trails, such as the one that follows from Capão to the city of Lençóis, or shorter ones, such as those that connect tourist spots and some communities, Conceição dos Gatos, Riachinho, Rodas, Angélica, Batista among others.

In addition, the Vale do Capão has one of the entrances to the famous Pati Valley, which has one of the most beautiful trails in the world;

Cachoeiras e Trilhas do Vale do Capão ou Caeté-Açu

Waterfalls of Vale do Capão or Caeté-Açu

Cachoeira das Águas Claras

Águas Claras waterfall in Vale do Capão

Considered by many one of the most beautiful trails in Vale do Capão, Cachoeira do Rio Preto is a small oasis protected by Morrão, one of the most photogenic mountains in the Diamantina Chapada.

Riachinho Waterfall

Riachinho waterfall in Vale do Capão

Located on the road that connects the village of Capão to the municipality of Palmeiras, is the beautiful 12 m high waterfall and a well with a paved trail for easy access.  The attraction is part of the conservation unit Riachinho Municipal Natural Park.

Wheels Waterfall

Cachoeira das Rodas in Vale do Capão
Cachoeira das Rodas in Vale do Capão

With easy access, this waterfall is perfect for families with children. The waterfall from a huge wall of rocks forming several wells in front of a huge valley;

Rio Preto Waterfall

Rio Preto Waterfall is one of the closest to the village and is accessed on the same trail that gives access to Cachoeira das Rodas;

Cachoeira do Rio Preto no Vale do Capão
Cachoeira do Rio Preto no Vale do Capão

The 4 metre high waterfall falls into an immense well with an infinite edge and mountain views. For those who like to explore these places, the tip is to continue up the waterfall and enjoy the various wells that form between the stones of Rio Preto.

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