Experience the best of the northeast in the warm white-sand waters of Natal

Natal no RN
Natal in RN

Natal is the capital of Rio Grande do Norte is known mainly for its natural beauty, with beaches, dunes, lagoons and the largest cashew tree in the world.

The capital of Rio Grande do Norte is probably the only place in the world where it is Merry Christmas from January to January.

The city, founded on 25 December 1599 on the banks of the Potengi River (which means shrimp water in Tupi), is known mainly for its natural beauty.

Pontos Turísticos de Natal no RN

Beaches, dunes, lagoons, the largest cashew tree in the world – located in the metropolitan region.

There is no shortage of attractions and they can almost always be visited with blue skies, since Natal is known as “The City of the Sun”. The best-known beach, which concentrates great hotels and restaurants (including the Natal Food Park, an area that gathers several food trucks) is Ponta Negra.

The name comes from the existence of numerous black-coloured rocks in the ocean.

It is there that you will find the famous Morro do Careca, a dune that in the past was a place of fun for tourists and locals, but since the late 1990s has been closed to visitors.

The reason is to preserve the restinga forest and also to prevent the sand from falling and consequently the height of the hill from decreasing.

Tourist attractions of Natal in RN

Mapa turístico de Natal no RN
Tourist map of Natal in RN

Parque das Dunas

Speaking of sand, the Parque das Dunas was created in 1977 to ensure the environmental conservation of Natal, as well as to carry out research and studies that benefit the region’s biodiversity.

Dunas das Dunas em Natal - RN

With 1,172 hectares, the park was the first conservation unit created in Rio Grande do Norte and is recognised by Unesco as an important part of the Atlantic Forest biosphere.

Adrenaline – buggy ride in Jenipabu

Going to Natal and not taking a buggy ride is like going to Rio de Janeiro and not visiting Christ the Redeemer.

Dunas de Genipabu no RN

Genipabu is located in the municipality of Extremoz, 25 km from Natal.

And one of the best places to do it is Jenipabu. “People can choose with or without emotion.

But in addition to contemplating the dunes, it is possible to bathe in the sea, do activities such as skybunda (sliding down the sand and falling into a lagoon), zip line, and even ride a dromedary,” the guide says. The fun requires preparation, as it usually lasts almost all day. But it is very worthwhile.

Pirangi Cashew Tree – the largest cashew tree in the world

Another must-see tourist spot is the Pirangi cashew tree in Natal, considered the largest in the world.

Cajueiro de Pirangi no RN

It is a work of art of nature that to this day has not found a concrete explanation for why it is so big. “They still haven’t definitively hit the nail on the head about this overgrowth.

Our biologist favours the theory of hormonal dysfunction. The tree is about 130 years old and still growing.

Today, the cashew tree occupies an area of 9,000 square metres, larger than a football field,” explains guide Alex Araújo.

The cashew tree grows sideways and has already invaded even the side avenue.

According to the guide, there is a system of maintenance and pruning, but the body responsible for the space, Idema (Institute of Sustainable Development and Environment of Rio Grande do Norte) has been fighting for the expansion of the area where the cashew tree is located.

In 1994, the tree entered the Guinness Book of World Records, but its fame came a year later, when actress and presenter Regina Casé visited the site and interviewed the child guide Tom do Cajueiro, then 10 years old. “It was there that the cashew tree really became known.

Discover the best of the Northeast in the warm white sand waters of Natal.

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