Historic cities in Minas Gerais

The historic cities of Minas Gerais were born out of the mining fever that marked Brazil from the 18th century until the first decades of the following century.

The historic cities of Minas Gerais are divided into two groups:

1. The gold circuit, to which they belong

  • Ouro Preto
  • Mariana
  • São João del-Rei
  • Tiradentes
  • Congonhas
  • the various towns and districts that surround them

2. Diamond Circuit, whose main centers are

  • Diamantina
  • Serro

Ouro Preto and Diamantina have been declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco; the other cities, regardless of their titles, also boast treasures of colonial art and architecture.

What they all have in common – more than the houses, the magnificent churches and monuments, the uneven cobblestones and the beautiful landscapes that surround them – is the untranslatable atmosphere in which nature and history, past and present are mixed.