Baturité Massif

Tourism and travel guide of the Baturité Massif located in the central hinterland of Ceará, composed of the municipalities of Pacoti, Palmácia, Guaramiranga, Mulungu Aratuba, Capistrano, Itapiúna, Baturité, Aracoiaba, Acarape, Redenção, Barreira and Ocara.

Baturité is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Ceará. Distance from Fortaleza: 106 km. Access can be made by the highways: CE 060 / CE 356.

The green landscape and humid climate make the region one of the most popular destinations for weekends. With an average temperature ranging from 20ºC to 22ºC – and a minimum of 17ºC, the scenery has a small strip of Atlantic Forest transformed into an Environmental Protection Area, which makes the region very suitable for ecotourism.

The cultural importance of Baturité can be better evaluated through the set of historical buildings, monuments, urban and rural houses and its religious constructions.

In 1883 Baturité declared the emancipation of its slaves in a ceremony held in the old Culture Building where today the Municipal Health Secretariat is located. Baturité has three distinct climatic varieties: mountain range, where the municipality is located, and hinterland.

The mountain range occupies 40% of the municipality’s territory with an area of Atlantic forest where waterfalls and trails are a delight for visitors.

Another source of income in the municipality is tourism, with great potential, but which still needs to be better explored. Baturité has an APA (Environmental Protection Area) in the remnants of Atlantic Forest in the municipality, trails, waterfalls, areas suitable for adventure sports and a great cultural heritage spread throughout the city as museums, monuments and centenary buildings. Among these we can highlight.